The advantages of the Money Plant

One of the most common houseplants is the money plant. According to legend, the money plant, like its name and a sight of its leaves, promises to enhance the household’s finances. When it comes to potting a money plant, there are a few things to bear in mind, or else the outcome might be disastrous.

Money Plant

Money plant care instructions:

Vastu experts advise against planting them outside the garden. As a rule, they should be planted inside. For good luck, triumph, and success, place the plant at the southeast corner of the living room. Wealth, prosperity, and luck are all governed by the gods in that order. The flow of funds, investments, and economics in the house may be accelerated by growing the plant in a Vastu-compliant direction. The plant should never be maintained in the north or east walls, or even in the northeast, since it might lead to financial loss and health problems. The fact that the planets Venus and Jupiter, who regulate the northeast direction, are incompatible with one other, demonstrates this. Conflict, difficulties, disputes, and losses may arise as a result of this.


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Money plants have a number of advantages, including:

– It is, without a doubt, an Air Purifying Plant.

– Radiation is consumed by it.

– It lowers stress levels.

It also attracts, entertains, and captivates wealthy people. Plants in our daily life, according to Vastu experts, promote good energy. Money plants are said to bring good luck, accomplishment, and wealth, thus they should be planted inside the house. The money plant aids in the removal of financial roadblocks and provides numerous streams of revenue. If you’re a married couple who wants to stay together, your money plant should never face east or west.

When planted inside the house rather than outside, the money plant provides the most advantages. Money plants are said to bring love, pleasure, laughing, and happiness to the family since they are heart-shaped. It also aids in the recovery of damaged relationships and enhances the bond between the house’s family members, as well as encouraging long-term friendships.

One thing to keep in mind if you have a money plant in your home is that no one else, even your gardener or your neighbor, should be allowed to trim or prune your money plant. Allowing people to cut your money plant is the same as giving away your riches to them.

Money plants are easily produced from stem cuttings and may be placed in either a water-filled or a plant container.

It is critical to water it on a regular basis. These climbers may reach heights of up to 20 meters.

This is a low-maintenance plant that is ideal for the home. It’s possible to keep it in a skewed shade. It should be watered every 10 days, and more frequently if the interior air is dusty.

Prune the plant often, especially if it is expected to grow extremely tall.

To keep the plant healthy and avoid the transmission of bad energy, dump and discard the dried or yellow colored leaves.


Money Plants are related to Pachira Aquatica, which is also known as “Money Tree.” As a result, there is ambiguity in the language. Jade plant, friendship tree, fortunate plant, money plant, or money tree are all names for Crassula ovatis. The leaves of the Scindapsus aureus are similar to those of the sweetheart plant, Philodendron Sandens. The leaves of the money plant, on the other hand, are more brilliant and vibrant than those of the love plant.


Benefits of Money Plant

– It is an excellent indoor plants for meditation: The leaves of this plant can be used as a natural way to calm your mind. You just need to sit in front of it or place some on your bedside table so you can enjoy its soothing fragrance all day long.

– They help purify air: This plant has been known to absorb negative energy from the environment which makes them great for cleaning the air inside our homes.

advantages Money Plant

Acts as an Anti-Harmful Radiations

Money plants absorb harmful rays emitted by electronic devices like computers, mobile phones, televisions, radios, microwaves, etc., thus protecting them against radiation damage. This makes money plants perfect anti-radiation plants. They help protect your family members from getting affected due to electromagnetic waves emitted by these gadgets. The best part about this benefit is that money plants don’t need any special care unlike other types of plants.


Brings Prosperity and Good Wealth

Improves Sleep Quality

Money plants are very helping you sleep better. They absorb negative energies and give out positive vibes. The best part about them is that they don’t require much maintenance. Just water them once in two weeks and let them grow naturally. If you want to get rid of insomnia then buy some money plants and put them around your bedside table.


Brings financial stability

Increases productivity at work

A study conducted by researchers revealed that employees who keep money plants in offices have higher levels of concentration than those without them. This makes them more productive while working. They feel relaxed and happy when surrounded by these plants.

Enhances creativity

The presence of money plants in workplaces helps increase the level of creativity among workers. These plants help boost up the brain power of individuals and make them think creatively.



FAQs for Money Plant

Q. What are the most crucial money plant maintenance tips?

A. Money plant Vastu guidelines state that appropriate money plant care is required for the plant to thrive and absorb harmful radiations. Here are some money-saving plant-care suggestions:

Keep the water fresh by changing it at least once a week.

Keep the water level in the glass jar or bottle at the correct level.

Keep the plant out of direct sunlight, since the heat will scorch or burn the foliage. It should always be kept in a location that receives indirect sunlight.

If the plant is maintained in an air-conditioned environment, spray it frequently since the cold air may cause it to become too dry.

Excessively dry circumstances might damage the plant, so spray it frequently.

Avoid using water that has a lot of chlorine or fluoride. Use either regular tap or RO water.

No fertilizers or pesticides should be used on the plant.

Trim the money plant on a regular basis. It will grow excessively long and tough to manage if you do not cut it.

To maintain the plant healthy and the flow of positive energies flowing, remove the dry or dead leaves on a regular basis.

To maintain the plant in shape, constantly trimming the excess leaves and branches.

To cultivate a money plant at home, you must follow Vastu principles in order for the plant to generate good energy.


Q. What is the best way to cultivate a money plant at home?

A. Money plant is one of the most adaptable plants that can be grown quickly and simply. Stem cuttings can be used to grow it in water or soil.

However, appropriate money plant maintenance is required for it to thrive and convey positive energy.
Let’s look at how to cultivate money plants at home in a minute

Growing money plants in water is one of the simplest methods. Here are some suggestions for growing money plants in water

Choose a tiny stem from a healthy money plant. The length should be between 12 and 15 inches.

Cut the plant stem at a node, which is the spot where the leaves emerge. Here you will notice a tiny root.

Using water, rinse the stem and place it in a glass container or jar filled with clean water.

If you’re growing a money plant in water, make sure at least one of the nodes is submerged. To some extent, you may fold the stem within the bottle. As a result, the roots at those nodes will have a chance to develop and spread.

Place the money plant jar near a window or on a balcony to get some natural light.

When the plant begins to develop and more leaves appear, tie the new stems or leaves together with a thread so that they may grow like climbers.



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