Bhiwandi is Home to India’s Largest Handlooms and Warehousing

If Mumbai is one of India’s most populous states, producing a significant portion of the country’s GDP (13 percent), Bhiwandi’s deserve better and Warehousing sector has made significant contributions to this achievement.


Bhiwandi warehousing


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Bhiwandi, located 40 kilometers northeast of Mumbai, is home to more than 10 lakh power looms, which produce one-third of the clothing worn in India. Bhiwandi has recently gained a reputation as a potential warehouse and logistics centre. In Bhiwandi, ecommerce giants ,smaller specialized players have sorting warehouses. Have you ever wondered what makes Bhiwandi India’s largest uses cutting – edge and storage facility? Close inspection will reveal the enabling variables.


Bhiwandi is at a Fantastic Position:-

Bhiwandi has good geographic benefits. It is a wonderful example of hwy growth since it is located at the intersection of National Highway (NH) 848 or Thane-Bhiwandi road and NH-160 or Mumbai Agra highway. In particular, the Kalyan-Bhiwandi Road (NH 61) connects the area to Kalyan and Ulhasnagar, as well as the surrounding economic belts.

With the exception of simple highway access, Bhiwandi is well linked to Thane, the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) port, and India’s commercial metropolis, Mumbai. Because warehouse in Bhiwandi warehouse list is so close to Mumbai, obtaining raw materials and exporting finished textiles to established markets like Surat, Ahmedabad, and the rest of North India is quite simple. The connection to the Indian railways’ goods train network via Harbour Link and Central railways is a major enabler for Bhiwandi’s expanding storage business. Furthermore, the fact that Mumbai International Airport is only 50 kilometers away adds icing to the dessert.


The Warehousing and Logistics Sales are up:-

Bhiwandi was formerly an industrial town, with a thriving economy based on hundreds of power looms. With the introduction of online marketplaces, branded clothes, and quicker shipping, the e-commerce behemoths desired fulfilment centers that could serve their primary markets within a day. Bhiwandi was an excellent choice since most of the land parcels needed to establish logistics hubs were held by Panchayats and paid free or low taxes. Despite the fact that Vashi and Koparkhairane were also close competitors, excessive land costs made them economically unviable.

Bhiwandi possessed stores and storage facilities in addition to handlooms, but their outdated design and poor construction quality did not auger well for the global conglomerates. This sparked a trend of leasing property and building cutting-edge logistics centers with climate-controlled chambers and professionally managed facilities. Farmers in the adjacent villages of Bhiwandi. Such as Rahnal, Sonale, Valpada, Narpoli, and Dapade, began leasing their property after 2010 and earning significant returns, at significantly lower than agricultural income.

Bhiwandi warehousing

Bhiwandi’s rental cost of living is high, and the real estate market is expanding:-

Affordable business leasing is one of the many factors that have helped Bhiwandi succeed. Due to its location on the periphery. Bhiwandi’s rents did not spike as they did in regions closer to the Navi Mumbai region. In the Bhiwandi area, commercial leasing prices for a large warehouse. Ranging from 1,000 sq. ft. to 5-10 million sq. ft. per month. Start from Rs 20-25 per sq. ft. per month.

The region’s residential real estate quotient. Has also been bolstered by the existence of numerous power looms and a thriving logistics business.


Investor-Friendly Sector:-

The arrival of the logistics and storage business in Bhiwandi has piqued the interest of investors in the area. Both commercial and residential real estate developers are interested in investing in the region. Because of the potential for warehousing industry development and attractive long-term profits.

In the region, leading real estate companies such as Arihant Group, Squarefeet Group, Laabh Group, Ornate Universal, Sai Balaji developers, and Damji Hari construction have active and under-construction projects.

In furthermore, as part of the regional development plan authorized by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority, flat on rent in Bhiwandi, the Maharashtra State government plans to establish a growth centre at Kharbao in Bhiwandi (MMRDA).

Bhiwandi’s industrial and economic growth will be simplified as a result of this strategy. It would also improve Bhiwandi’s basic infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, roads, drainage systems, and other civic facilities. If all goes according to plan, this project will increase future growth for the whole region.


The Warehousing industry sector has a number of challenges:-

Although being among the world’s major power loom industrial sectors. The Goods and Services Tax system, a lack of technical know-how. A lack of technical skill up-gradation, changing yarn pricing. And the introduction of auto looms are Warehousing all posing problems to the power loom industry. Workers are losing their jobs as a result of the advent of robotic technology and sophisticated looms. This is also a key reason for the closure of power loom manufacturing. Since they make room for huge commercial organizations warehouse facilities.


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