Bigha Conversions in India

In India, the Bigha is one of the most widely used traditional land measuring units in the North Indian states. Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Uttarakhand are among the states that utilize Bigha for land measuring. The worth of Bigha, on the other hand, varies from state to state.

In the study guide below, we explain how many square feet, acres, and hectares 1 bigha is comparable to in various Indian states. The bigha was primarily employed as a unit of land measurement in rural India. Because Bigha was popular in different sections of India, the value of one Bigha in square feet varied.

Before independence, the rule of thumb was that 1 Bigha land required two ploughs to cultivate.

In square feet, 1 bigha is around 27,000 square feet. Because the Bigha is such a prominent unit of measurement, people frequently look for conversions such as Hectare to Bigha, Bigha to Acre, Acre to Bigha, and Bigha to Square Feet. Bigha is a corrupted version of the Sanskrit word ‘Vigraha,’ according to history.


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Convert Bigha to Square Feet, Acre, and Hectare

1 Bigha in Square Feet in Uttar Pradesh

27,000 Sqft

1 Acre Bigha in Uttar Pradesh

0.625 Acre

1 Bigha in 1 Hectare in Uttar Pradesh

0.25 Hectare

1 Bigha in Square Feet in Bihar

27,220 Sqft

Bihar’s 1 Bigha per acre

3.025 Acre

Bihar’s 1 Bigha per Hectare

0.01264 Hectare

Haryana’s 1 Bigha in Square Feet

27,225 Sqft

Haryana’s 1 Bigha per acre

0.25 Acre

Haryana’s 1 Bigha per Hectare

0.10117 Hectare

1 Bigha in Square Feet in Punjab

9,070 Sqft

Punjab’s 1 Bigha per acre

0.25 Acre

In Punjab, 1 Bigha equals 1 Hectare.

0.10117 Hectare

In MP, 1 Bigha in Square Feet

12,000 Sqft

1 Acre Bigha in MP

0.27 Acre

1 Hectare Bigha in MP

0.2529 Hectare

1 Bigha in Square Feet in Assam

14,400 Sqft

Assam’s 1 Bigha per acre

0.3306 Acre

1 hectare in Assam

0.13 Hectare

West Bengal’s 1 Bigha in Square Feet

14,348.29 Sqft

1 Acre Bigha in West Bengal

0.33 Acre

West Bengal 1 Hectare Bigha

0.133 Hectare

1 Bigha in Square Feet in Gujarat

17,427 Sqft

Gujarat’s 1 Bigha per acre

0.4 Acre

Gujarat’s 1 Bigha per Hectare

0.16 Hectare

Himachal Pradesh’s 1 Bigha in Square Feet

8,712 Sqft

Himachal Pradesh’s 1 Bigha in an Acre

0.2 Acre

In Himachal Pradesh, 1 Bigha equals 1 Hectare.

0.08090 Hectare

Jharkhand’s 1 Bigha per square foot

27,211 Sqft

Jharkhand’s 1 Bigha per acre

3.02 Acre

Jharkhand’s 1 Bigha per Hectare

0.25 Hectare

Uttarakhand’s 1 Bigha in Square Feet

6,804 Sqft

Uttarakhand’s 1 Bigha per acre

0.2 Acre

Uttarakhand’s 1 Bigha per Hectare

1.52 Hectare

In Rajasthan, 1 Bigha = square ft.

1 pucca bigha = 27,225


1 kuchha bigha = 17,424

In Rajasthan, 1 bigha = 1 acre.

1 pucca bigha = 0.625


1 kuchha bigha = 0.4

In Rajasthan, 1 Bigha = 1 Hectare

1 pucca bigha = 0.25


1 kuchha bigha = 0.1618


Bigha is known as Pucca Bigha and Kucha Bigha in areas of Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar. When dealing with renters, the kucha bigha was mostly employed by property owners, but the pucca or pakka bigha was more widely utilized.

Bigha to Sq Yard, Sq Meter, Biswa, and other units


1 Bigha

2,990 sq yd

1 Bigha

2,500 sq mt

1 Bigha

0.46 marla

1 Bigha

4.94 kanal

1 Bigha

0.01 biswa

1 Bigha

1.04 ground

1 Bigha

34.73 aankadam

1 Bigha

37.38 kottah

1 Bigha

2.30 guntha

1 Bigha

0.23 rood

1 Bigha

61.78 cent

1 Bigha

5.56 chatak


Bigha and acre are two typical land measuring measures. In fact, the conversions Bigha to Acre and Acre to Bigha are among the most used. Let us examine the distinctions between Bigha and Acre.





A bigha is a local land measuring unit.

The acre is a land measuring unit that is used in both the US and the UK.

In India, Bangladesh, and Nepal, bigha is predominantly utilized.

The term acre is widely used in the United States, India, Sri Lanka, and other Commonwealth nations.

In different sections of the nation, the Bigha unit has varied values.

The price of an acre is the same all throughout the world.

1 bigha to acre = 0.619 acre

1 acre = 1.61 bigha


Bigha’s Use in Neighboring Countries

Bigha is widely used in India, but it is also utilized in neighboring countries such as Bangladesh and Nepal.

When it comes to our northern neighbor Nepal, land measuring measures such as Ropani and Bigha are widely utilized. Bigha is being used in conjunction with other modern measuring methods. In Nepal, one Bigha is equal to 1.61 acres, yet one Bigha contains 13.31 ropani.

Both Katha and Bigha are prominent land measuring measures in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, 3 acres of land turns to 1 Bigha of land.

Bigha is also found in the island of Fiji, in addition to Bangladesh and Nepal. It might be because a huge number of people of Indian ancestry arrived in Fiji centuries ago. 1 Bigha is one acre of land in Fiji.

Calculator for Area

Because there are so many different land measuring units, users usually need a rapid area converter to translate between them. Civil engineers, civil contractors, property owners, purchasers, and sellers may find a quick and error-free converter useful for converting Hectare to Bigha, Bigha to Acre, Acre to Bigha, and Bigha to Square Feet.

In contrast to Bigha, the other units may be converted between easily and accurately:\

Sq ft, CM, Sq Inch, Guntha, Marla, Pura, Kila, Gaj, Kanal, Sq Yard, Sq Meter, Acre, Biswa, Dhur, Chatak, Biswa Katcha, %, Lessa, Decimal, Murabba, Sq Km, Square Karam, Mile, Ground, Hectare, Guntha, Marla, Pura, Kila, Gaj, Kanal, Square Yard, Square Meter, Acre,

To summarize, the Bigha is still a widely used land measuring unit in India. In terms of square footage, one Bigha is around 27,000 square feet.




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