Navi Mumbai Airport’s Terminal And Runway Construction Has Begun.

NAVI MUMBAI: Following the handover of the 1,160 hectares of land required for the Navi Mumbai International Airport, the concessionaire Adani Group-led Navi Mumbai International Airport Ltd has begun work on Terminal 1 and the runway in order to fulfill the 2024 deadline. This week, a major roadblock in the form of 200-plus structures on the property was remove, clearing the way for airport construction.

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Cidco stated that the intended airport land is now devoid of human habitation and that all pre-development work has been complete. The hill cutting work will take a few months after the river diversion is complete. At Kombadbhuje, the last hill is yet to be cut. Meanwhile, the airport plan has been revise and offer to both the federal and state governments, with a December 31, 2024 commercial operating date.


“Cidco has completed its task. A little amount of hill cutting remains, accounting for less than 1% of Cidco’s total scope of work. The concessionaire has begun operations. It has issued written notice, with COD intentions set for December 31, 2024. This was also discuss and present at the ‘Pragati’ meeting. Sanjay Mukherjee, Cidco vice-chairman & managing director, expressed optimism that the concessionaire will make the deadline.


“Work on Terminal 1 and the runway began last week after the entire airport land was clear of human settlement,” an Adani Group spokeswoman said. When we took over the job in 2020, there were 224 structures in place, all of which have already been demolish. “It’s time to get to work.”

Navi Mumbai Airport's Terminal And Runway Construction Has Begun.

To prevent encroachment on the primary airport area, a 9.5-kilometer perimeter wall will be complete soon. The airport will be surround on three sides by highways, one of which will face the communities.


Meanwhile, the airport’s approach roads have been complete, allowing the contractors to begin construction on the terminal and runway. An operation on the runway is being done at the same time as the remaining hill cutting work.


“The blueprints for the construction of the building have been complete. The construction of buildings will begin in October once the necessary approvals are secure from competent authorities, which is expect to happen by the end of July,” according to sources. A total of 54 buildings will be construct, requiring approval from 56 different departments.


It may be remember that Adani Group declare the airport’s financial closure in March of this year. The whole Rs 12,770 crore loan need for the airport project has been underwritten by the State Bank of India.


Meanwhile, Cidco demolished all 3,070 existing structures in the primary airport region, including religious structures, spanning 10 communities. According to Cidco, all project-affected individuals (PAPs) from ten villages near the core airport site. Have been evict and have accept a compensation offer of develop land in Ulwe’s new township of Pushpaknagar. More than 5,000 families from 10 core airport villages are being rehabilitate, according to Cidco.


“The airport area’s pre-development work has already been finish. The airport’s construction is progressing according to schedule,” Mukherjee said. The handover of 2.8 hectares had been delay for a long time, but it has now been completed, allowing work on Phase 1 to begin, which includes the first runway and Terminal 1.








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