Top 10 Attractions in Pune

Pune, the cultural center of Maharashtra, is a fascinating destination for travelers of all ages with majestic forts, museums, dams, mountains, nightlife, and much more to discover. The best attractions and activities to do in Pune are include in this article.

Pune is a lovely city where history and modernity coexist. Due to its IT industry, Pune boasts a vibrant culture and a global edge. The city’s attractiveness is enhance by how the past and current coexist, making it a desirable travel destination. A vacation to Pune offers a lot of attractions for families and friends with its variety of cultural, historical, and adventurous locations to explore. The top ten attractions in Pune are lists below.

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 Aga Khan Palace

Top 10 Attractions in Pune

On 19 acres of land in the Yeravda neighborhood of Pune, Sultan Mohammed Shah, Aga Khan III, sponsored the construction of the Aga Khan Palace in 1892. One of Pune’s most well-known tourist attractions is the palace, which has breathtaking architecture. It was crucial to India’s freedom and a significant historical marker in India. For Mahatma and Kasturba Gandhi, his secretary Mahadev Desai, and Sarojini Naidu, the palace—also known as the Gandhi National Museum—served as a jail. In honor of Mahatma Gandhi and his ideas, prince Karim al-Husseini, Aga Khan IV, gave the palace to the Indian government in 1969.

Shaniwar Wada

Top 10 Attractions in Pune

The Peshwas’ administrative center was located at Shaniwar Wada, a well-known tourist destination in the middle of Pune. As a home for the Peshwas, Bajirao Peshwa constructed it in 1736. A grand palace, Shaniwar Wada features fine Maratha craftsmen’s complex carvings and elegant embellishments. The entrance entryway of Shaniwar Wada is 21 feet tall and faces the north. One of the fort’s gates is the renowned Dilli Darwaza, also known as the Delhi Gate. The Mastani Darwaza is a notable gate that is said to have only been utilized by Bajirao’s second wife, Mastani.

This Wada has a lovely fountain in the shape of a lotus. The whole palace was destroyed by fire in 1827, with the exception of the Mirror Hall. The ruins consist of platforms and foundations, as well as a fortification wall surrounding the entire complex with five gates and nine bastions. Inside the Shaniwar Wada fort, a light and music performance revives the Peshwas’ former glory.

 Shivneri Fort

Top 10 Attractions in PuneThe birthplace of Shivaji Maharaj, the Maratha empire’s founder, is known as Shivneri Fort. There are 400 stairs to climb to the pinnacle of Pune’s well-known ancient stronghold, Shivneri Fort. Growing up in the Fort,  Maharaj received military fighting training. The fort, which is 1.6 km long, is designed like an arrow pointing north. A tiny pond called Badami Talav in the middle of the fort is home to monuments of Shivaji Maharaj and his mother Jijabai. The Ganga and Yamuna rivers each have freshwater springs within the fort.

 National Film Archives Museum

Top 10 Attractions in Pune

For movie buffs, the National Film Archive Museum in Pune is a must-visit tourist destination. It houses the greatest collection of films in Asia. The museum, which opened in 1964, features some of the rarest classical films from throughout the globe. New titles that are not sold on the open market are added to the collection each year. The first prints of movies from both the globe and India are on display at the National Film Archive Museum in Pune. The National Cinema Archive Museum aids in the study of Indian films and individuals by researchers and students of film studies. The museum’s collection comprises 10,304 films, 214 regular film journals, 5,658 pamphlets, 55,406 images, 5,131 wall posters, 1,752 disc recordings, and 31 audio cassettes, in addition to 14,678 books about movies and the film business and 14,264 screenplays of various movies.

 Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

Top 10 Attractions in Pune

One of the most well-like tourist attractions in Pune is the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, which is run by the government of Maharashtra’s Department of Archaeology. Baba Dinkar Kelkar founded the Kelkar Museum in 1962. Nearly 25,000 things that Baba Kelkar acquired from all over the world are on exhibit there. The objects from the 18th and 19th centuries on show here include an intriguing collection of musical instruments, Mughal lamps, paintings and other antiquities, paintings of scenes from the Nutcrackers, carved castle doors, brass, copper, and terracotta objects, as well as the Ramayana. The replica of the 1734-built Mastani Mahal is one of the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum’s most alluring attractions. This area creates a scene reminiscent of a palace thanks to its opulent furnishings and magnificent chandeliers.


 Sinhagad Fort

Top 10 Attractions in Pune

Meaning of Sinhagad is Lion’s Fort. Sinhagad, one of the most well-known tourist destinations, is perched on a hill in the Sahyadri Mountains. Although some of this majestic fort is in ruins, it continues to draw trekkers. It is also known as the Kondana Fort and has been in several engagements, notably the Battle of Sinhagad in 1670. On a clear day, Sinhagad Fort may see the forts of Torna, Rajgad, and Purandar, which are all located around 25 kilometers from Pune. The stronghold has a collection of monoliths from some of history’s best safe-keepers, including Tanaji Malusare during the reign of Shivaji Maharaj. Trekkers may also go bird gazing at the stream next to the Sinhagad Fort. Here, you could see crowned treeswifts, serpent eagles, sunbirds, and other bird species.


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Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Mandir

Top 10 Attractions in Pune

The Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapati Temple is a well-known landmark in Pune and is known for its “ichhapurti Ganesh,” or “wish-fulfilling Ganesh.” Shri Dagdusheth Halwai and his wife Lakshmibai construct the temple 125 years ago. Shri Dagdusheth Halwai was a confectioner. From the outside, it is easy to see the enormous Ganesh idol. It is approximately 8 kilograms in weight, 7.5 feet tall, and 4 feet broad. It is a stunning sight to witness. The trust’s 2017–18 audit report values the entire property at Rs 66.91 crores.

The National War Museum

Top 10 Attractions in Pune

Army base located in Pune. Therefore, a visit to Pune’s National War Memorial Southern Command is essential for travelers who are interest in the history of Indian defence. It honors the experiences and sufferings of Indian warriors. The Express Citizen Forum, which created the War Memorial Fund, oversaw the construction of the Memorial. The museum, which is in Pune Cantonment, was construct in 1997. The MIG 23 BN, which was utilize in the Kargil War, is the most significant exhibit here. The INS Trishul warship model, which was employee in the Portuguese-Indian War, is also interesting to visit. There are many galleries that show the specifics of conflicts and remember the lives of troops who sacrifice themselves to defend the nation.

 Mulshi Dam

Top 10 Attractions in Pune

Mulshi Dam in Pune is a must-see for tourists who want to take in the beautiful scenery. This Dam, which is surrounds by the dense woods of the Sahyadri hills, is one of Pune’s most popular destinations, particularly during the monsoon season. The lake offers a variety of activities, including camping, birdwatching, and hiking. Hydroelectric power and irrigation are both power by the dam’s water.

Lal Mahal

Top 10 Attractions in Pune

Lal Mahal, one of Pune’s most well-known landmarks, was construct in 1630 by Shri Shahaji Bhosale, the father of Chhatrapati Shivaji. Here, Shivaji spent a large portion of his youth. Later, he had the infamous encounter with Shaista Khan, in which the Maratha commander severed the latter’s finger as he tried to flee. Shivaji’s memorial palace contains a number of murals that reflect important moments in his life.

Tourist Attractions Close to Pune

For their beautiful beauty and lush surroundings, numerous well-known locations close to Pune are ideal for tourists to explore. Among visitors who like hill stations, Lonavala, Khandala, and Lavasa are well-like destinations.

Rajgad, a historic hill fort located 54 kilometers from Pune, is a prominent tourist destination in Pune and a well-liked hiking location in Maharashtra.

Top 10 Attractions in Pune

Karla, another destination in Pune, is home to waterfalls, monasteries, stunning temples, and majestic hills. Visits to Karla Cave and Bhaja are worthwhile. The Bhaja caves are thought to have exist during the second and first centuries BC, during the Hinaya Phase of Buddhism. According to legend, the Karla caverns house India’s biggest Hinayana Buddhist chaitya (temple). With only 15 caves within, the Karla caves are one of India’s most well-known Buddhist rock-cut cave sites.

For those who enjoy adventure, Kamshet is a must-visit location for paragliding. For those who wish to learn the sport of paragliding, there are several schools available.

 Top Activities in Pune

In addition to visiting cafés, restaurants, and pubs, a tourist can engage in a variety of fun activities including hiking, camping, or having a picnic in the garden.

Visiting Parvati Hill

Top 10 Attractions in Pune

Pune’s highest peak is Parvati Hill, at 2100 feet. It provides a stunning, all-encompassing perspective of the city. The summit is reach after a 103-step ascent. There is also the more than 250-year-old Devdeveshwar Temple there. You may also pay your respects at the Parvati Temple or visit the Peshwa Museum at the top of the hill to learn more about history.

Kalsubai Trekking

Top 10 Attractions in Pune

The tallest mountain in Maharashtra, known for its natural setting and breathtaking vistas, is a part of the Kalsubai trip. You may visit the Kalsubai temple, which is surround by vegetation, while taking pleasure in the Kalsubai dawn hike.

Water Activities in Pawna Lake

Top 10 Attractions in Pune

An essential camping spot close to Pune is Pawna Lake, which is situate on the former Mumbai-Pune Highway. Water from the Pawna Dam was use to make this artificial lake. Water sports including kayaking, boating, and rafting are available here.

Take a break in Okayama Friendship Garden

The Okayama Friendship Garden, which covers 10 acres, is the biggest Japanese garden in India. Exotic flowers, ponds, fake hills, meadows, woodlands, and a flowing stream may all be found there. Pu La Deshpande, a renowned Marathi author, inspire the naming of this Japanese garden. Tourists and locals alike are drawn to this serene area of Pune.

Meditation at Osho Ashram

A meditation center is locate in northern Pune called the Osho International Meditation Resort. Numerous meditators from all over the world are drawn to it. Only members are allow access to the Osho Ashram. If you are not a member, you must purchase a one-day admission in order to enter the property. One of the most tranquil locations in Pune is the ashram, which provides a range of meditation programmer with an emphasis on spiritual living and a stress-free way of life.

Experience Pune’s Nightlife.

One of the nicest cities to live in right now is Pune. Pune is a city with a large youthful student population, thus there are areas that come alive after dark. It contains bars and clubs where you may take in the city’s nightlife. The city offers everything, from high-end pubs and elegant breweries to exciting nightclubs.

Pune’s Shopping

Top 10 Attractions in Pune

Pune is a shopper’s delight. Paithani sarees, Maharashtrian nose rings, Kolhapuri chappals, silver, brassware, and many more items are available for purchase by tourists. Pune has a number of malls and retail establishments on the sidewalks.

The Hong Kong Lane market, which has a number of small shops and businesses selling imported goods, is one of the most well-known and frequently packed marketplaces. You may get fashionable clothing, jewelry, fragrances, shoes, and cosmetics at reasonable prices. Enjoy some retail therapy at the show gown and chappal stores in Koregoan Park. Fashion Street, Tulsi Bauga, and Fergusson College Road Market are more places to shop on the street. It is worthwhile to visit Phoenix Market City, Pune Seasons Mall, and Pune Central Mall.

Essential dishes in Pune

Top 10 Attractions in Pune

Pune’s food scene has undergone modernization, yet the ancient taste and flavor remain. Pune offers a wide range of foods to visitors, but Maharashtrian food is a must. The fiery missal pav, dabheli, Vada pav, and sabudana khichdi (a sprouts curry topped with onion and farsan), are not to be miss. Enjoy the crisp Shrewsbury cookies from Pune, which are bake with a tone of butter and sugar. Bring back some authentic puran poli, chiwda, and chikki variants for your family and friends.




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