Checklist Of Legal Documents For Purchasing An Apartment

Checklist Of Legal Documents: The significance of obtaining all of the necessary legal documents, papers, permissions, and deeds before purchasing a house cannot be overstated. Each of these agreements is essential for a long, calm, and joyful home ownership experience. Let’s take a look at all of the legal documentation you’ll need to acquire an apartment.


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Checklist Of Legal Documents: Certificate of Occupancy (OC)

After an examination of the completed building, the local Municipal or Corporation authorities give the Occupation Certificate. During the verification procedure, officials examine to see if the completed building’s construction matches the authorised designs.

Following the issuance of an Occupancy Certificate, the developer applies for door numbers for the different residences in the apartment.

For an Occupancy Certificate, A builder must additionally obtain permissions from the Fire Force and the Pollution Control Board.


The sale document and the certificate of possession

Once the Occupation Certificate is obtained and the buyer has paid their dues, the developer registers the selling deed and applies for the Undivided Share (UDS) in the buyer’s name. The homebuyer can apply for a possession certificate once the selling deed and UDS have been filed.


Checklist Of Legal Documents: Receipt for Building Tax

The Building Tax receipt is required when requesting for an electric connection. It is granted to the buyer when they apply for it after the sale deed is registered and the builder obtains the door number.



Checklist Of Legal Documents: Electricity Commission

After the Building Tax paperwork are confirmed, The Energy Board provides the building an electricity connection. In most circumstances, the developer already has a link that they may subsequently transfer to the buyer.


Checklist Of Legal Documents: Deed of Sale

One of the most significant documents you will have during the transaction is the Sale Deed. It is the only document that legalises the sale and transfer of property ownership. The Sale Deed specifies important details such as the Undivided Share (UDS), the acreage of the property, the value of the land, the survey number, taluk, and village to which the land belongs.


Sketch of the Location

The location sketch is a document issued by the local municipality or village. It is a permit that specifies the number of plots, intended built-up area, amenities, vehicle parking area, and so on.



Certificate of Encumbrance

The Encumbrance Certificate (EC) is a document that contains information about any liabilities that the land may have. An EC is required in order for the land sale to be legal.


Agreement on Joint Development

The Joint Development Agreement, or JD, is an agreement between the builder and a third party, such as the land owner. The JD specifies the transfer of power to the builder to begin building work.

APPROVALS Structure approvals are permits provided by government agencies for the construction of a building. The following are some of the most essential approvals you may require:


Checklist Of Legal Documents: Pollution Control Commission

The Pollution Control Board grants a certificate of consent to operate, which is required for building construction to begin. 


Checklist Of Legal Documents: India Airports Authority

For constructions within a 20-kilometer radius of the airport, authorisation from the Airport Authority of India (AIA) is require. The local municipal authority establishes minimum height standards, which are subsequently reviewe by the AIA before approval is granted.


Checklist Of Legal Documents: Coastal Control Zone

The Coastal Regulatory Zone approves all building, tourist, and development activities that take place in CRZ zones. These restrictions are enacted to safeguard diverse water bodies around seas, to conserve ocean ecosystem, and to enhance the well-being of fishermen.


Environment and Forestry Ministry

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry guarantees that building occurs on NA land. They are only necessary for estates larger than 20,000 square metres.




Formation of an Association

After the Sale Deeds are registere, the builder allows house owners to create an apartment association.


List of vendors and contact information

This is a crucial document for new homeowners to have. It specifies the warranty information for the building’s fixtures. The vendor list is a record that homeowners can utilise when they need service.

It is always best to invest in a home or apartment with a reputed builder to avoid any discrepancy in the long term. We hope our list of documents will come handy when you are buying your dream home.




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