Designs for small Pooja rooms in Indian families

Here are some typical pooja room design layouts as well as alternative prayer room design ideas to consider.

Pooja rooms are a regular thing in most Indian homes. If your home is too small to handle a separate pooja room, you might designate a specific area in your home to house a magnificent mandir of your choice. You can choose from a variety of common pooja room design layouts and other options listed below.

One or more idols could be found in a pooja room. An incense burner, a bell, a day, and a tiny container to hold Dakshina are other essentials inside the pooja room (Money offerings). The number of deities — that can be kept in standing or sitting positions – is up to a homeowner.

Designs forsmall Pooja r ooms


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The architecture of Indian temples has always attracted our interest. To make it more personal, incorporate elements of the Indian temple into your pooja room design. Make a dramatic entry with a couple of sculpted wood or marble columns. Basically adding a pendant light for a temple-like ambiance is one of the unique pooja room ideas. Make the ceiling look like it’s in the shape of the dome.

Add classical Sanskrit poems or shlokas to a huge canvas or etched on glassware as a backdrop to give your pooja room feel. Write the shlokas in calligraphy.


Designs for pooja rooms made of marble

If you have a large home with enough space for a separate pooja room, marble pooja room designs may be the best option. Although it will require a lot of maintenance and money and will last a long time and you didn’t have to think about termites. When utilized for pooja room design, marble goes with any type of décor or flooring. Not only will your pooja room seem rich and exquisite, but will also be great for individuals looking for small pooja room designs.

Designs for small Pooja rooms


Designs for traditional pooja rooms in south Indian homes

South Indian pooja halls are generally made of wood with carvings, with brass idols. In the temple, both idols and images are maintained. The mandir can be built out of wood and positioned against a wall. The idols can be put on the mandir’s shelf, allowing plenty of room for flowers and diyas.

The mandir doors in South Indian architecture are closed in the afternoon.

The word ‘Om’ can be embossed or printed on a backdrop. The wonderful ambiance is enhanced by a brass bell.


Design of the pooja room in a wooden mandir

Wooden mandirs complement a wide range of internal walls and design ideas. Such pooja rooms give a room a sense of importance. Wooden décor, on either hand, necessitates proper care and maintenance. When lighting candles and Diya’s in the room, exercise caution. Aside from just that, wood gives the pooja room variety and warmth. If you don’t have much space, small pooja room designs are an option. Instead of having a new wooden mandir design constructed at home for large homes, you can rehabilitate old wood or look for second-hand stores that provide affordable wooden mandir designs which can be refinished to your liking.

Designs for small Pooja rooms



A modern pooja room

You can make a pooja area out of a portion of the wall or the entire wall for a modern puja room design. Hence we have the make recesses inside the wall that is about six to eight inches deep. An idol/image can be created for each niche. Make sure that each area has a spotlight so that the idol can be seen. In front of the idol, you can place Diya’s or flowers.

Designs for small Pooja rooms


Designs for small pooja rooms in Indian homes

Small mandirs are perfect for apartments and small homes when a separate pooja room is not possible. These mandirs are either available in the market or can be specially designed.

Most apartments may lack sufficient space for a pooja room. The tiny and basic pooja unit is a noticeable element of middle-class Indian-style pooja room designs. On the wall, a wood pooja table and desk can be created.


Mandir on the wall

Wall-mounted mandirs are the ideal alternative for particularly compact apartments or studio apartments. This saves a lot of floor space and can be installed in any corner with minimal room.

Designs for small Pooja rooms


What is the easiest way to decorate your pooja room?

  • You can customize the time frame to make your pooja room stand out. A wealthy look can be achieved by framing images of Gods in silver or gold. Allow enough space for diyas, flatware, and flowers while keeping the space clean and quick to clean.
  • Make use of brightly colored paints: For the pooja room, use bright colors like white, light yellow, or orange. You can also use pastel shades of these colors to make the space appear more open, airy, and peaceful.
  • Use only whites: Similarly, to add to purity, you can design and decorate the pooja room with only white or shades of whites – marble, white doors, and a white backdrop.
  • Use jaali work as a decorative item: Jaali work can be used to add a decorative element. And another to the jaali art can be used as a backdrop or as a door frame.
  • Choose an attractive door design: Make sure the pooja room’s door stands out from the rest of the house. A solid hardwood door with carvings or a translucent glass door is also an option.
  • Make the entryway welcoming: Draw a rangoli or use a rangoli sticker to make the pooja room entrance more attractive. A tall vase on every side of the door and a toran over the door frame are also options. Always choose marigold flowers above other flowers since they are considered auspicious.
  • You can keep a rule with fresh flowers in front of the pooja room on a daily basis.
  • For an ethnic look, place two jharokhas on each side. If feasible, choose a bright yellow color to demarcate the sacred space where one enters.
  • Accordingly, the colorful pillows and stools should be kept on hand for sitting: Seating can be provided by low wooden stools or comfy cushions of various shapes. You can decorate your room with gorgeous colors and mirror-designed cushion covers.


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