Do’s & Don’ts for Paying Token Amount For a Property Purchase

What is Token Amount?

Once a house purchase deal is finalized in between a customer and a seller,  a formal process is launched in conclusion it lawfully. This starts with the customer paying the vendor a small portion of the purchase value, to reveal his genuine objectives. this settlement, in Indian real estate parlance, is typically known as the ‘token amount’. The settlement and also invoice of this token amount is a typical practice, regardless of the kind of building or offer worth.

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Since the buyer pays this money to reveal his authentic rate of interest in the residential or commercial property, this amount is additionally referred to as the ‘advancement down payment’ or ‘earnest down payment’. Other terms made use of are ‘binder’ or ‘good faith deposit’.

When is Token Amount Paid?

The token money is paid when the buyer and seller reach a verbal agreement to conclude the deal. At this phase, the documentation is yet to begin. While there are no written policies regarding it, an additional common method in India’s realty market, is that the sellers reach waive the entire quantity, if the purchaser backtracks from his verbal pledge. The seller, on the other hand, will certainly need to return the token money to the customer, if he can not finish the purchase, due to any type of reason.

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Just how much cash has to be paid as a token amount?

There are no fixed rules concerning the quantity that the buyer needs to pay to the vendor, as token cash. This quantity differs from instance to case. “A buyer pays a part of his down payment for the home as the token money, in case he is acquiring the residential or commercial property from a designer. So, if a customer prepares to pay Rs 10 lakhs from his own pocket for the acquisition of a home that is worth Rs 50 lakhs, he would typically provide the programmer Rs 1 lakh as the token or booking quantity,” clarifies Gaurav Singhal, a Delhi-based building broker.

It concerns note below that the token quantity is only a part of your down payment, as well as both terms, can not be utilized mutually. The down payment is the quantity you pay in advance to buy a residential property. The token amount is just a part of it.

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Can token cash be refunded?

If, for any kind of factor, the customer falls short to complete the transaction, the vendor would certainly waive the token cash, unless the events have actually made a notarized contract stating or else. “The token quantity is typically paid by the buyer to the vendor, directly after the verbal commitment. At this stage, the majority of purchasers fall short to take note of the paperwork, considering that it seems like unwanted trouble. Nonetheless, a notarized paper would come convenient, as proof that the token money has been paid to the seller as well as also lay the guideline for the purchase,” says Manoj Kumar, a Delhi-based lawyer that specializes in home enrollments.

Nonetheless, as this paper does not have legal validity, since it has actually not been signed up, it primarily serves as evidence of settlement, instead of a legal record that could be created in court, in case of a dispute. The buyer and also the seller enter into a registered contract, just when the purchaser pays a minimum of 10% of the offer value as well as a builder-buyer contract or a contract to buy is authorized between both celebrations.

How to pay token money?

As there is little means to ensure reimbursement of the token money, in case the residential property purchase falls short, the customer has to maintain the token quantity as low as possible and also dedicate to a vendor, only after making all monetary plans to finish the purchase. For example, maybe high-risk to pay the token cash, unless the bank has actually approved your mortgage application.

Determine the integrity of the vendor before paying the token money as well as avoid making the settlement in cash. If you pay the token cash through banking networks, the seller would certainly not have the ability to confirm otherwise.


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