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Land surveying is refers to as mojani in Marathi. It refers to a land measurement that has been accept, whereas Emojani refers to a land measurement that has been approve in an electronic format. The Bhulekh webpage can provide you with land measurements. The method of land surveying is not new in India; it has use for generations. The system, on the other hand, was not streamline. A conical chain was use by the British government to aid with the land measuring system. We’ve cover the history of Emojani Maharashtra, as well as its advantages, practices, and more in our blog.


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Emojani Maharashtra’s Evolution in Land Surveying History

The British government regulated the land surveying system, as previously mentioned. They also established a revenue agency to preserve and update land records. The revenue department’s goal is to create land maps for authorized property that are based on the real site’s operations. A land map was previously supply to a property with a total area of 25 acres. Emojani Maharashtra, an online facility for applying for mojani and checking its progress, was launch later. Currently, the Settlement Commissioner and Director of Land Records are in charge of the Land Record Department.

What is Conical Chain surveying, and how does it work?

Conical chain surveying is a form of land surveying that use chains or tape. Only linear measurements are possible with the chain surveying approach; angular measurements are not possible. This approach is use to calculate the area of a small, reasonably flat piece of land. A survey conduct using the triangulation method. After the measurement is complete, the results are plots on paper. Chain, arrow, pegs, range rod, offset rod, plumb bomb, and cross-staff are some of the instruments use in chain surveying.

What exactly is Emojani?

Bhulekh offers Emojani (e-mojani), an electronic technique of land survey map or record. It’s a useful tool for demonstrating that a piece of land isn’t suitable for farming.

Emojani Maharashtra’s Characteristics

Emojani has the following characteristics:-

  • Land survey applications are now being accept.
  • Fees for enumeration are transparent. It is in charge of using enumeration schedules.
  • Allows for the creation of challans for land surveys.
  • The amount of register mojani instances may be view with the use of algorithms.
  • When you register on the mojani website, you will instantly receive an application receipt. At the same time, the names of the surveyors are announce.
  • The technology sends out immediate warnings to the applicant and any other candidates nearby.
  • It allows land appraisers to finish land survey cases.
  • Evaluators create survey software for simplicity of use.
  • On the Emojani site, an applicant may simply monitor the status of their application.
  • Both taluka and district-level Mojani instances are accessible.
  • Monthly reports on mojani cases are also available to download from the Emojani webpage.

Emojani Maharashtra’s Benefits for Account Holders

If you choose to open an Emojani account, you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • If you have Records of Rights, the details of your land will be digitally register with the revenue department (RoR). At the same time, an Emojani invoice for Rs 3000 would be produce.
  • It saves both time and human labour.
  • Because the fees are calculate using computers, there are less risks of human mistake. Algorithms are use to create currencies as well.
  • Monthly progress reports that are factual and objective are prepare.
  • The site provides transparency. Three papers are submit to the office for verification.
  • The Emojani surveyor’s contact information, as well as the surveyor’s and head office’s, will be given on the account holder’s application form.
  • The account holder will not be required to assist with the Emojani procedure. The computations will be done by someone in charge of Emojani.
  • Because of the computerized system, account holders receive prompt assistance; disputes are resolved in a timely manner.
  • An applicant receives all updates through SMS or email. They don’t need to go to the Treasury to find out what’s going on. The status may also be verified on the website.
  • An applicant will be informed of the procedure fees once all of their information has been appropriately upload.
  • The procedures are conducted in a transparent and orderly way.
  • The government agenda controls Mojani cases at all levels: division, district, and state. The office has become more efficient as a consequence of this strategy.
  • The mojani cases are control by the agenda at each level (division, district, and state). It resulted in an improvement in the office’s efficiency.

What is the procedure for applying for Emojani Maharashtra?

Emojani Maharashtra is known as Emojani bhumi abhilekh in Marathi because it is administered by the bhumi abhilekh department, which is responsible for land records. Here’s how to apply for Emojani on Emojani bhumi abhilekh using this approach (Emojani Maharashtra).

Mahabhulekh – Maharashra Land Records is also worth reading.

  1.  Go to Emojani Maharashtra’s official website, Emojani abhilekh emojni.mahabhumi.gov.in.
  2. Enter your username and password to access the site. If you haven’t already done so, create an account by providing your personal information such as your name, phone number, email address, and address.
  3. Select Emojani from the drop-down menu. Then you must complete up the application form with information such as your name, address, land information, and contact information. Selecting a district, taluka, and village is require. Fill out the form and attach the relevant papers.
  4. Select Submit application from the drop-down menu. After you submit your application, a survey officer will be appoint to your property. He’ll arrive to do a survey, after which he’ll be paid the mojani fees.
  5.  After you’ve finish the survey, you’ll be sent to the next step. Emojani will be yours to keep.


How can you check the status of your Mojani on the Emojani website?

On the Emojani Maharashtra website, you may monitor the status of Mojani’s application. To check the status online, take these steps: –

  1.  Go to Emojani Maharashtra’s official website, Emojani abhilekh emojni.mahabhumi.gov.in.
  2. Check the status of your Mojani application.
  3.  From the drop down menu, choose details such as district, taluka, and village. Peacock number, enter your mobile number. You may also look up the status by entering the application number and year.
  4. Fill out the captcha, and then click Check Counting Status.
  5. A new screen will emerge with information about your application’s status.


How do I apply for Mojani through the mail?

The application process remained inactive till the Emojani bhumi abhilekh website was release. A farmer or account holder can apply by going to the office of the Town Survey Officer or the Deputy Superintendent of Land Records at the taluka level. You can also contact them if you have any questions or concerns about land measurement. To apply for mojani offline, use the technique described below.

  •  Go to the Taluka office closest you; you may alternatively go to the Town Survey Officer.
  • Present the RoR (7/12) of the land that has to be survey to the appropriate person.
  •  Once all of the necessary paperwork have been submit. The headquarters personnel will draught and pass over a challan for the enumeration fees to the applicant.
  •  You must now pay fees to the State Bank of India’s treasury or treasury branch.
  •  The office will submit an enumeration application with RoR (7/12) and receipt of Emojani payment when payment is receive.
  • The application will now be sent to the land surveyor. The surveyor will then issue an enumeration notification, which will include the survey date.
  • Surveyor will go to the place on the survey day and count the original documents. They will then make a duplicate of the documents and return them to the office.
  • The appropriate examination will be perform by a Deputy Superintendent of Land Records. The Deputy Superintendent of Land Records will sign the copy of mojani and deliver it over to the applicant after that is done.

Emojani has a large number of users.     

Let’s look at the amount of Emojani users using a pie chart:-

Emojani Maharashtra - Definition | Emojani Bhumi Abhilekh Website

( Source: Emojani Maharashtra website)


Emojani Maharashtra comes to a close

Mojani is a method of measuring land that has been used for centuries. The land revenue department established Emojani, an internet platform for the mojani procedure, to make things easier. Bhulekh offers an electronic version of a land survey map or record. You may register for mojani and monitor the status of your application on the portal. People have benefited greatly from Emojani Maharashtra since it saves the time and promotes transparency.




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