Home Decor : How to choose the right colors, depending on Vastu in home

Colors in a home influence the residents dramatically. We get recommendations from the pros when choosing the right colors for the different rooms in your house

Colors have a significant psychological effect on people, it is a proven fact. A home is a spot where a person spends a significant part of his / her life. Given that specific colors activate distinctive emotions in people, it is important to have an adequate color balance in one’s home, to stay fresh and live a healthy life.

Flats colors

img1: right colors for the different rooms in your house

Colors, as per the location of your home:

Vikash Sethi, A2ZVastu.com CEO and Founder says colors have to be decided based on the homeowner’s position and date of birth.

“The While each route has been particular color, it’s maybe still sometimes not match to the user. Homeowners should, therefore, stick to Vastu Shastra’s general color recommendations, which include the following key points:

1) North-east – Light blue. 2) East – White & light blue. 3) South-east – In this direction, the associated with fire, orange, & pink & silver colors can be used to enhance the energy. 4) North – Green, pasta green. 5) North-west – This area is related to air. 6) So, white, light grey & cream are the best colors. 7) West – It is the place of ‘Varun’ (i.e., water). So, the best colors are blue & white. 8) South-west – Peach, mud color, biscuit color & light brown. 9) South – Red & yellow.

Homeowners need to take extra precautions when selecting colors such as black, red & pink, as these colors do not match every human, “Sethi explains.

Guidelines on color, as per your home section:

Experts point out that colors are needed for each part of your home based on its energy requirement, size, and position. Your home section’s color criteria should be as per its use. Astro-numerologist Gauravv Mittal states, “The following points should be kept in mind by people living in a home when painting the rooms:

Master bedroom: Hopefully the master bedroom must be in a south-westerly direction & should, therefore, be finished in blue.

Guest room/drawing room: North-west is the best spot for the guest room/drawing room and therefore a guest room should be lit in white in the above direction.

Children’s room: North-west is the best room for children who are grown up and are going out for study purposes. As the moon rules the north-west direction, children’s rooms in this direction should, therefore, be decorated with white color.

Flats color

img2: choose the right colors, depending on Vastu in home

Kitchen: The south-east region is suitable for kitchens and, thus, the kitchen walls should be painted orange or red.

Bathroom: the finest bathroom location in the north-west, & the bathroom should be finished in green.

Hall: The hall should preferably be in the north-east or north-west direction, & should, therefore, be painted yellow or white.

House exterior color: The house’s exterior color, should be based on its owners. Colors like yellowish-white or off-white or light mauve or orange would match all Rashis people.

Colors, which you should stop at home:

Experts recommend that shades of light are often healthy. Dark shades such as red, orange, gray, and black may not match all since they reflect some of the fiery planets likes Rahu, Shani, Mars & Sun. “We can avoid red, dark yellow, & black. Such colors are generally high in strength and can disrupt the energy cycle within the home,” Sethi cautions.

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