These 15 Feng Shui Statues Should Be Part Of Your Home Decor

Feng Shui Statues : Feng Shui, commonly referred to as Chinese Geomancy, is a traditional technique that employs numerous energy forces to enhance one’s well-being. You may utilise a variety of statues or things to infuse your home or business with positive energy by representing various parts of life.

Additionally, when these particular sculptures are properly positioned in your house or place of business, they not only bring luck and good health but also keep evil spirits out. The following Feng Shui sculptures are thus recommended if you intend to decorate or renovate your house for excellent health and income chances.


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Feng Shui Dragon Statue:

The dragon is associated with the male yang element, which regulates negative energy, and is seen as protective in Feng Shui. Celestial dragons are the most powerful of the three species, followed by wetland and marine dragons. (The one without a tail). These dragons, which stand for protection, knowledge, progress, and culture, depict springtime energies. The east direction should be where the dragons are put.

These 15 Feng Shui Statues Should Be Part of Your Home Decor


Feng Shui Laughing Buddha Statue:

The Buddha of Happiness according to Feng Shui is represented by the Laughing Buddha statue. The Buddha statue is maintained in the home to ward off anxieties, problems, and melancholy for every member of the family. You can feel better just by taking in the Buddha’s cheerful smile. The Laughing Buddha is a perfect representation of unadulterated pleasure and fortune.

These 15 Feng Shui Statues Should Be Part of Your Home Decor


Feng Shui Charging Bull Statue :

A bull statue, sometimes referred to as the Wall Street Bull, is utilised in feng shui to create forceful energy that contributes to a person’s betterment in their financial situation. Placing a bull statue on your workplace desk can help you harness the power of the bull to improve your financial status since the bull is a sign of strength, speed, and power.

These 15 Feng Shui Statues Should Be Part of Your Home Decor


Gold Arowana Fish Statue:

According to Vastu Shastra, the arowana fish is lucky because it represents riches, serenity, and success. A statue of a gold arowana fish is therefore said to clear your area of bad karma. You must maintain a statue of a gold arowana fish facing east or north-east with a coin in its mouth.

These 15 Feng Shui Statues Should Be Part of Your Home Decor


White Tiger Statue:

A proverb in feng shui goes, “Left represents Green Dragon and Right represents White Tiger.” When maintained in the proper side of the home, it is said that the White Tiger would bring prosperity and fortune. It is most likely connected to the compass direction of the West. The White Tiger is seen as the yin to the yang of the dragon. Your home is shielded from any harmful energy by the tiger.

These 15 Feng Shui Statues Should Be Part of Your Home Decor


Mandarin Ducks Statue:

A pair of Mandarin Ducks is the ideal Feng Shui item to place in a couple’s bedroom to promote marital harmony. The Chinese embraced this particular breed of ducks as a sign of good fortune and joyful union. Mandarin duck figurines enhance the attractiveness of your home’s interior design while also strengthening a couple’s bond.

These 15 Feng Shui Statues Should Be Part of Your Home Decor


Dragon Turtle Statue:

A dragon turtle is a legendary monster with a turtle’s body and a dragon’s head. This unusual combination is thought to draw prosperity and success. Place a Chinese coin in its mouth and set it up in your house or workplace to benefit from positive energy all around you.



Feng Shui Three-Legged Toad Statue:

The three-legged toad is seen as a lucky emblem of riches. Put a Chinese coin in its mouth, much like the dragon turtle, and set it up in your house or workplace.


Horse Statue:

Horses are associated with success, renown, independence, and speed in Feng Shui. Given that fame and career are located in the south and north, respectively, the statues of horses should be shown there.


The Money Cat Statue:

Utilising Feng Shui The statue of the Money Cat represents impending fortune with its beckoning paw. The cat brings luck, money, success, and new chances to your house or place of business when it is displayed there. The Money Cat’s Statue will drive out all the evil spirits impeding your prosperity since cats can see clearly in the dark. It is advisable to set up the cat statue in the workplace near to the cash register or on your work desk. Additionally, you may position the cat statue in your home’s Southeastern (for prosperity) or Northeastern (for inner understanding) zones.

These 15 Feng Shui Statues Should Be Part of Your Home Decor




Red Phoenix Bird Statue in Feng Shui:

In feng shui, the Red Phoenix Bird is a representation of change, rebirth, and success. A Red Phoenix Bird statue may be positioned in a house or office’s south direction to energise the fire element and infuse the area with positive energy. It is thought to draw notoriety, admiration, and prospects for achievement.


Rooster Statue in Feng Shui:

In feng shui, the rooster is a sign of luck, safety, and wealth. To activate the metal element and bring good energy into a house or business, a Rooster statue might be positioned towards the West or Northwest. It is thought to help fend off bad luck and draw good fortune.


Elephant statue in feng shui:

In feng shui, the elephant represents power, knowledge, and wealth. If you want to activate the earth element and bring good energy into your house or workplace, position an elephant statue at the southeast or southwest corner of the building. It is thought to assist in attracting riches, prosperity, and good fortune.




Fu Dogs Statue:

sometimes referred to as Imperial Guardian Lions in feng shui, are a representation of safety, power, and wealth. To ward off bad energy and encourage good energy flow, a Fu Dogs statue might be positioned at the entrance to a house or business. It is thought to fend off bad spirits and provide good fortune. Feng Shui Statues


Guan Gong statue:

Guan Gong, also known as the God of War, is a representation of power, allegiance, and protection in feng shui. To activate the water element and bring good energy into a house or business, a Guan Gong statue might be positioned in the north or southeast of the building. It is thought to protect against bad energy, foster success, and bring about riches.




What Feng Shui Statue to Choose for Your Home?

Establish the Goal of the monument: Prior to selecting a monument, it’s critical to establish your goals. Do you wish to draw luck, love, or money? Once the goal has been established, you may choose a monument that supports it.

Think about the Material: Metal, wood, and crystal are just a few of the materials used to create feng shui sculptures. Each material has distinct qualities and might have a varied impact on the energy in your home. For instance, a timber statue can encourage development and expansion, but a metal statue might encourage mental clarity. Feng Shui Statues

Choose the Right Shape: In Feng Shui, a statue’s form is also significant. For instance, a statue in the shape of a circle might symbolise harmony and togetherness, while a monument in the shape of a square can symbolise solidity and anchoring. Decide on a form that supports your objective.

Pay Attention to the Location: After choosing a statue, it’s crucial to set it up in the proper spot. The statue shouldn’t be placed in a crowded or gloomy area since these settings might obstruct the flow of good energy. Instead, put the statue in a well-lit area with plenty of room so people may readily view and enjoy it.

Last but not least, while choosing a Feng Shui statue, trust your instincts. A strong predictor of what will work best for you and your house is your gut instinct. Feng Shui Statues


Final Statement

All of these Feng Shui figurines are optional additions to your interior design. You can arrange a couple of them as you see fit and evaluate the outcomes for yourself. Making a few adjustments to your environment in accordance with Feng Shui might attract luck and wealth. Are you prepared to get some feng shui figurines for your house right away? Feng Shui Statues



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