Ideas For Home Lighting Decoration

Interior lighting is extremely important in home decor. It has an impact on the size and atmosphere of the space. Not only that, but reports indicate that proper lighting in the right places can help boost the sale of a property. shares some popular light decoration ideas for your home!

Both artificial and natural lighting are important in enhancing the tone, texture, and colour of a room. The mood of a room is determined by the type of lighting used in it. Lighting techniques can be used to make a room appear smaller or larger, as well as to create an atmosphere in the home. Furthermore, the choice of lighting has a significant impact on the sale of a property as well as the emotions of the residents.

While there are many light decoration ideas for homes these days, let us first consider how strategic lighting affects the occupants of the house.

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The effect of light on human emotions

Several studies show that lighting has a significant impact on human emotions. For example, mood lighting adds calmness to the room, allowing residents to relax; bright light inspires creativity; and blue light increases alertness and enthusiasm.


The effect of light on property sales

According to various industry experts, strategic lighting can help increase the sale of a property. For example, if a property’s dark corners are well-lit with clever lighting techniques, it may improve the perception of the place and boost sales. A combination of electric and natural lighting can boost the chances of a property sale by more than 3%.


The impact of lighting

According to industry reports, lighting has a significant impact on how a property is portrayed. The table below describes the effects of illumination on the occupants.


Usage of Lighting

Dim lighting

Bright lighting

Behaviour it encourages

Indulgent personality
Encourage expensive purchases

Encourage mindful purchases
Heightened emotional state
Honesty and ethicality

Impression it creates

Relaxed and calm ambience
Cosy surroundings
Renders a high-quality,
luxurious touch

Lower price and quality
Natural and healthy



Lighting styles used in home decor

On a conscious and subconscious level, lighting influences how you feel about a space. Aspects such as brightness and colour play a role in directing human emotions. A bright study room, for example, would make one feel more energetic, positive, and productive, whereas dull lighting would hinder productivity and make occupants depressed and gloomy.


Ideas For Home Lighting Decoration: Lighting in the background

The entire space is illuminated by ambient lighting, also known as general lighting. Ambient lighting is planned by home designers to ensure even illumination of all room surfaces. This lighting makes it easier to move around a room and allows for general activities like working on a computer or cleaning. Track lights (Rs 500-4,000), ceiling lights (Rs 350-9,000), and wall lights are used to create ambient lighting (Rs 300- 4,000).


Ideas For Home Lighting Decoration: Lighting for specific tasks

Task lighting is employed to complete specific tasks. This type of lighting focuses on a specific area to make task completion easier. Task lighting, for example, is commonly use as under-cabinet lighting in a kitchen. This light could also be use beside a reading table or as a desk lamp.

A typical task light can cost anywhere between Rs 300 and Rs 11,000.


Decorative lighting

Accent lighting is use to draw attention to a specific area, but it also adds character to the space it illuminates. It is one of the best lighting options for highlighting a corner or drawing attention to displayed artefacts or paintings. Accent lighting ranges in price from Rs 350 to Rs 10,000.


Ideas For Home Lighting Decoration: The most recent light decor trends

Light decoration ideas for homes are heavily influence by current market trends. The following are some current trends you could use to improve the interiors of your home.


Ideas For Home Lighting Decoration: Lighting as a design focal point

Lighting is more than just a functional feature in a room. Lighting in every design and style helps to draw attention to the most important areas of a room. Bold and daring light pieces are now well-known and an important part of interior design.

Home décor lights can cost as little as Rs 5,000 and as much as Rs 70,000, depending on their design and functionality.


sculptures Lighting 

Sculptural lighting refers to lamps that serve as works of art. Art and lighting can be combined with trendy table and floor lamps with bold designs and sculptural shapes. These are typically use to draw attention to a larger piece of furniture.

Sculptural lighting costs between Rs 4,000 and Rs 2 lakh.


Ideas For Home Lighting Decoration: Intelligent lighting

Smart lighting is an essential component of smart homes. These lights are internet-connected and can be controll via a mobile app or voice-activate personal assistant. Smart lights are designed to make decisions and adhere to schedules. They are well-known for consuming less power and providing the user with control and customization.

A smart bulb costs between Rs 200 and Rs 1,000 on average.


The price of hiring an interior designer

To explore light decoration ideas, most homeowners prefer to hire an interior designer. The fees charged by these designers vary depending on the type of property. Interior designers, for example, may charge anywhere between Rs 3 lakh and Rs 7 lakh depending on the size of the project and the interiors chosen.

The interior design should be around 10-15% of the property cost, but it can go up to 30-35% for larger homes such as villas.


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