How Can You Update Name in the Land Registry?

Land is one of the most important assets that the majority of people hold, thus extreme care should be made to get the name changed in the land registration papers in the event that the official name of the owner (of the property) changes. Even if it’s not immediately necessary, changing the name on the land registration can assist the owner of the property avoid legal issues and land disputes that could arise if they ever want to use the land papers as collateral.

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What are land/property registration and associated documents?

Immovable property transactions and ownership changes are documented through the land or property registration process. The procedure provides the new owner of the plot of land or other piece of immovable property with a legal ownership title assurance.

In the local office of the land registrar, land or property registration is often document in. The form of a land registration document (land registry). This legal document includes information on the owner, registration documentation, and several other legal aspects related to land.

Procedure for Land Registry name change

If the owner of the property changes their legal name, the Land Registration Documents should likewise reflect this name change. However, the procedure can only be started when the formal name change procedure has been concluded.

How to alter your name legally in India?

Submission of an Affidavit:

Obtain a notary to create an affidavit for the name change that includes the new name, the old name, the current address, and the cause for the name change (could be marriage, astrology, etc). Two individuals holding the level of gazette officers must sign the affidavit (along with stamp).

Advertisement’s Publication:

Advertise the name change in a prominent local newspaper (such as Eenadu, Malayala Manorama, Lokmat, Times of India, Navbharat Times, or Dainik Jagran. If the individual is from a Hindi-speaking state or in other vernacular language newspapers). The previous name, new name, birthdate, father’s or husband’s name, and home address should all be include in the advertising.

Journal Notification:

Send a copy of the advertising and the other necessary papers to the Department of Publication (under the Ministry of Urban Development) in India to get a notice about the name change publish in the Indian Gazette.

After a formal and legal name change, the property owner must go to the land register office and provide self-attested documentation of new name along with a small fee. The licensing division of the land register office launches an investigation into the idea of a name change on the property after verifying all the facts. This action is perform to make sure that no fraudulent endeavors are made in the name of this name change.

The name is change in the Land Registry records once the legal name change has been successfully verify. Delivering paperwork to the owner’s address indicating the completion of the name change on the land registration signals the end of the procedure.

Cases of Names Misspelled in Any Deed

If a typographical error necessitates a name change, the party (owner) need just visit the registrar’s office with documentation of the right spelling of the name to have it fix.

Any document, including a sale transaction that contains a name error can be correct. If it is not accept by executing a register deed of correction (the previous seller may do so in the new owner’s favor). The party may also submit an affidavit for a name change. In property records together with a case to the tax officer.

Obtaining a certificate confirming that the name (or several names) is the same from the “village officer” or Tehsildar is an alternative to the process. This certificate can be put to good use for a variety of purposes.

Other Methods for Name Change in Property Documents

The name change in property papers can also be accomplish by a correction in the sale deed of the property as changing. The land registration is a straightforward but time-consuming operation. However, this amendment of a prior sales deed cannot be done unilaterally and necessitates. The former owner (last seller willingness)’s to assist the current owner in making this amendment.

In reality, every Sale Deed for the future sale of the property must include the owner’s “new” name together with a copy of the gazette notification stating the name change. Even though the name has not been alter in the land registry.

What Legal Documents are Need to Alter your Name in the Land Registry?

The land registry name change procedure has to be thoroughly verified by the authorities. The authorities request that the applicant present certain documentation for this reason. For the application of a change in land register, the following papers are mostly require.

  • Two photos in passport size
  • PAN cards, Aadhar cards, and other government-issued identification
  • Address verification, such as a utility bill
  • Application for name change to higher authorities
  • A claimant’s affidavit and two witnesses
  • The original newspaper clipping from the name-change ad
  • Copies of legal records bearing the current name
  • Any records that the authorities may demand

National Generic Documents Registration System (NGDRS)

The Union government has implemented a single documents registration system for the registration of real estate. Which is important to mention. The website is call the National Generic Documents Registration System (NGDRS), and each state in India is gradually adopting it.

The National Generic Document Registration System (NGDRS) was create with the needs of the citizen in mind. It allows users to register properties online, submit pertinent documents, and schedule online appointments with the SRO for document registration. The National Generic Document Registration System (NGDRS), a project managed by the Department of Land Resources, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, is a standard, generic, and flexible programme created for registration departments of states throughout India.

NGDRS, which was create under the leadership of the Department of Land Resources. A ground-breaking move toward the digitalization of the property registration process and e-governance.

NGDRS was create in a way that it can meet the unique requirements of each Indian state. The NGDRS has been adopt by several Indian states, including NGDRS Goa, Punjab, and Jharkhand.





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