How to Determine your home is “Vastu-compliant”?

Determine your home is “Vastu-compliant”: Homes that adhere to Vastu are currently all the rage in the real estate market. Even so, very few people are aware of the significance of each Vastu trait, despite the fact that they are actively searching for such homes.

Nowadays, buying a home is often decided on the basis of Vastu. A typical Indian buyer is sure to be interested in anything that promises wealth and happiness. Thus, it is not surprising that Vastu compliance has emerged as a key consideration for property buyers.

The majorities of these buyers, however, are unable to grasp the finer points of the science and are consequently forced to rely on the developer’s assurances that the house complies with Vastu. Although there is a lot of talk about Vastu-compliant residences in the market, just 5% of home purchasers are knowledgeable of the specifics of the science.

The preference for Vastu-compliant homes varies based on demographics and occupation, the author continues. So, if you’re thinking about investing in a property that complies with Vastu, here are a few things to consider.

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How to Determine If a Property Fits With Vastu?

Determine your home is “Vastu-compliant”: Position of Bathroom 

How to determine your home is "Vastu-compliant"?

  • Make sure the bathroom is not in the home’s northeast corner.
  • It should ideally be in one of the following home corners: east of south-east, south of south-west, or west of north-west.
  • As there is no recognized solution to mitigate the bad effects of this, it is advised to stay away from such homes or apartments.

Determine your home is “Vastu-compliant”: Position of Main Door 

How to determine your home is "Vastu-compliant"?

Your home or apartment’s entrance should ideally be on the northeast corner. However, you can choose the entrance according to your profession:

  • Entrance to the business facing north
  • East entry for politics
  • South facing entryway for an artist or creative
  • West facing entryway for management

Position of Bedroom

How to determine your home is "Vastu-compliant"?

No bedroom should be in the south or south-west, and the master bedroom shouldn’t be in the northeast corner. This is supposed to lead to loss of income, ill health, lack of sleep, and stagnation in one’s career.

Position of Kids’ Room

How to determine your home is "Vastu-compliant"?

The children’s bedroom shouldn’t be in the west of the north-west corner. It should preferably be in the south-west so that a child’s head is facing east or south.

Position of Kitchen

How to determine your home is "Vastu-compliant"?

Avoid apartments where the kitchen is located in the north corner at all costs. The kitchen should preferably be located in the south of the south-east corner; however it can also be in the west.

Position of Pooja Room

How to determine your home is "Vastu-compliant"?

The optimal location for the pooja room is in the north-east, east, or north. It shouldn’t be erected underneath a stairwell. Keep dead people’s portraits out of the pooja room. Your pooja room can be located in the living room or kitchen if you live in a small house.

Position of Garage

Homes that adhere to Vastu are currently all the rage in the real estate market.

The north or east directions are the best places to put the garage. The garage can also be built in the southeast, but the gate must open northward. Make sure the garage gate is lower in height than the home’s main entrance gate.

These are the 4 main elements that have an impact on a house’s Vastu compliance. However, a home becomes roughly 30%–40% compliant thanks to these variables. In addition to the structural elements stated above, you must make some internal changes to your home in order to make it completely Vastu-friendly. One of these ideas is to put a wind chime over the front door or in the middle of the living room.






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