Know How to Make a Ghar Ka Naksha

If you are planning to construct a domestic system, a Ghar ka Naksha or house strategy is very crucial to start with. We check out a few of the basic regulations that one ought to adhere to

Many things need to find with each other when you plan on purchasing or creating a home. You need to be monetarily ready as well as additionally be positive about the place that you have actually shortlisted. One of the other points that become extremely crucial is intending the layout of your new residence, that is, the ghar ka naksha or the map of your home.

Know how to make a ghar ka naksha

For this, lots of are extremely careful concerning following the concepts of Vastu Shastra as well as likewise making the very best exercise of readily available space. Just how do you set about preparing an ideal ghar ka naksha? If you are employing the services of an architect, it would absolutely be of some assistance yet you need to do some homework before that.


Ghar ka naksha and also instructions of the plot

Preparation the layout of your house comes to be much easier if you recognize the concept of instructions based on Vastu as well as how specific layouts are liked over others. Quality developed with the concepts of Vastu are often attended be well-placed, well-ventilated as well as even much healthier for the citizens. Offered its advantages, families residing in such houses really feel the positivity.

If your story of land is north-facing or east-facing, there are style concepts that will certainly aid you to take advantage of it. As per Vastu, east, north and also north-east-facing homes are most auspicious. However, it is additionally true that there are no bad instructions and small tweaks in your ghar ka naksha can aid you to arrive at the very best feasible choice concerning the direction of your residence.


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Just how to prepare a naksha for your kitchen area?

While preparing the ghar ka naksha, plan on whether you want to go in for an open or closed kitchen. In cities where area constraints are common, family members like an open kitchen area format, where the doors and walls do not use up additional area.

A drawback of this style is the difficulty of maintaining the kitchen nice whatsoever times. On the other hand, the advantages are much more. For example, it offers optimal use area, boosts the allure and also due to its design, it becomes an extremely practical space.

Based on Vastu, the complying with instructions is best-suited for your kitchen. Include it in your ghar ka naksha


Wash area in your ghar ka naksha.

You could use the laundry location to clean tools or to wash and dry your garments. Preferably, the laundry location must be affixed to the kitchen or near to it. It is both hassle-free and also practical, due to the fact that there will suffice air as well as light coming into the cooking area as well as you would not have to trouble about an open-to-sky or OTS duct.


Exactly how to plan a storeroom in the ghar ka naksha?

A storeroom is best placed near the cooking area or close to it. The ghar ka naksha must promote this unless you are preparing a bigger house as well as have enough area to do so in which case applying the concepts of Vastu will certainly be beneficial.

As per Vastu Shastra, avoid putting the storeroom in the east or north. The south-west corner is finest if you want to save hefty machines or tools. Generally talking, both the north-west and also the south-west are perfect locations for the storeroom.


Master bedroom in your house map

This is the largest bedroom in your house as well as is to be inhabited by the head of the family and also his partner. When you intend your residence, ensure that all rooms are in an even dimension. For example, 12 feet x 12 feet or 12 ft x 14 feet or 14 feet x 14 feet or 14 ft x 16 feet, and so on. A straightforward reason behind intending it in such a way is that you will not need to cut and resize the tiles when your mason places them.

The minimum dimension of a bedroom needs to be 12 ft x 12 feet, which is the typical dimension. You can make it larger if there are no space limitations. An affixed toilet and also a dresser can be prepared in this space. However, commodes must not lie close to a kitchen area.

Know how to make a ghar ka naksha

How to intend stairs in your home?

The stairs should always be in clockwise instructions while rising staircases. If you are strolling in anti-clockwise instructions, this is not perfect.

Likewise, the stairways need to constantly be a strange number– a trip of 15,17, 19, 21 or 23 stairways, etc. The basic size of a stairway is 3 ft wide, with a 6-inch riser as well as 11-inch walk.


Dining area in your home

The best positioning for your dining-room is close to the kitchen area. If you have stairs in your house, positioning your dining-room in front of the staircases is a good idea. It provides a great visual allure and the area does not look vacant or empty either. As per Vastu concepts, some homes may enable the positioning of a dining-room simply under the staircase, which is a great method to take advantage of the added space.


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Attracting hall or living area in your house map

To delight your visitors, a drawing-cum-living room is necessary. Frequently people use the terms attracting hall as well as living-room synonymously however there is a distinction. A drawing hall is normally at the entryway of your home and also for visitors that are even more of colleagues. A living-room is where you wish to amuse a known visitor. Strange guests require not to be brought to the attracting hall and can come to the verandah.

Nonetheless, considering the area constraints in cities, not all residences may have these space departments easily readily available to them. In case you have the high-end to do so, make certain you prepare the map as necessary.


Typical toilets in your house plan

Usual bathrooms are necessary for every household. It ought to be close to the dining area and yet, not as well close, in a way that a guest can use it freely without having to go with other rooms to reach it. Having a common toilet is additionally important from a hygiene perspective.

Non-family members who visit you, ought to feel comfortable and also at the same time your privacy or sanitation should not be compromised. A usual restroom is also good if you do not plan to position a wash container in the dining location. A common restroom need not be the most significant commode in your house.


Open up areas and auto parking in your home plan

Strategy the parking lot in a manner that even when you update your vehicle over time, the parking area should be as useful. A 15 feet x 14 ft room is good enough for every sort of lorry. If you have room for a yard, do go for it.

It needs to preferably be put at the entry of the residential or commercial property. Various other open areas need to additionally make sure that it offers the much-needed light and also access of fresh air into your home.

Preparing a ghar ka naksha is often the first step. Before you crystalize your plans with the help of an engineer, a professional, a Vastu expert, or an interior developer, the above-discussed tips will certainly serve as a beginning point.


Residence plan, Vastu and also deities of direction and also their worlds

While you are working with your house strategy, together with your designer as well as contractor, refer to this picture to comprehend the ramification of exterior siding with a particular instruction. Various instructions have various kinds of powers.


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