Learn How To Make Ghar Ka Naksha.

If you are planning to build a housing unit, a ghar banana ka naksha, or house plan, should be a must first step. We’ll go over certain fundamental guidelines for producing ghar ka naksha.

Learn how to make ghar ka naksha.


Those seeking to construct a home on their own must examine a number of factors in order to construct a dream home. Designing the layout of your new home, or ghar ka naksha as it is known in Hindi, is among the most important aspects of the planning process for such a person. To assist you in building your dream home, a sustainable home naksha plan must be in place.

As a result, many people pay careful attention to Vastu Shastra principles and making the greatest use of space available. What is the best way of making a perfect ghar banana ka naksha? If you employ an architect, he then she will undoubtedly be of service, but you should first complete some initial research before obtaining simple ghar ka naksha.


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A plot’s path and Ghar ka naksha

Vastu-compliant properties are frequently seen being well, well-ventilated, or even healthier for its occupants. As a result, it’s crucial to follow these criteria when choosing a plot and its size while designing a ghar.

There are simple ghar design ideas that will help you in making the most of your piece of land, whether it is north-facing or east-facing. East, north, and north-east-facing homes are the most fortunate according to Vastu. However, there is no such thing as a negative direction, and slight changes to your ghar ka naksha can assist in making the best possible selection about the direction of your home.


Learn how to make ghar ka naksha.

Kitchen (Ghar ka naksha)

Consider either you want a closed or open kitchen when preparing the ghar ka naksha. Families prefer an open kitchen arrangement in cities where space is limited, because doors and walls do not take up unnecessary room. The difficulty of maintaining the kitchen nice at all times is a disadvantage of this style. On either hand, the advantages are greater. For example, it makes the full use of the available, adds to the aesthetic value, and makes the ghar a very functional area.

According to Vastu, the follow is the best direction for your kitchen. Form part of your ghar ka naksha.


Washing area (ghar ka naksha)

You might clean your tools or wash and dry your clothes at the wash area. You may notice the wash area connected to the kitchen or close to it in any ghar ka naksha ka picture. Because there will be enough air and light coming into the kitchen and you would not have to concern about an accessible or Respiratory therapists duct in the makan ka naksha, it is both convenient and simple to create a wash area near the kitchen.



A storeroom must be located near or contiguous to the kitchen. However if you are constructing a large house and have ample space to do so, in which case using Vastu concepts will be beneficial. Avoid installing the storage room in the east or north of your home naksha, as according Vastu Shastra. If you wish to store heavy machineries or equipment, the south-west corner of your simple ghar ka design is ideal. The north-west and south-west, in general, are ideal locations for the store room in your ghar design.


Master bedroom (Ghar ka naksha):

That’s the house’s largest bedroom, and this will be shared by the family’s head and his spouse. When you plan your home, naksha, make sure that all of the bedrooms are the same size. For example, 12 ft x 12 ft, 12 foot x 14 ft, 14 ft x 14 ft, 14 ft x 14 ft, 14 ft x 16 ft, and so on. One simple reason for designing the ghar in this manner is that you will not have to trim and resize the tiles when the mason instals it. A master bedroom in your design in home must be at least 12 ft x 12 ft in size, which is the standard size. When there are no space constraints, you may make it bigger. When doing your ghar ka naksha online, you might design for a connected toilet and a dresser in this room. However, please remember that toilets should not be located near the kitchen in the ghar ke naksha.


How to Plan a Staircase in Your Home 

While mounting the steps in your ghar ka naksha ka photo, the staircase should always be in a clockwise manner. The design is not appropriate for walking in an anti-clockwise manner.

Also, in your ghar design, the steps should always be odd in number – a flight of 15, 17, 19, 21, or 23 stairs, for example. A three-foot-wide stair has a six-inch riser and an 11-inch tread as standard. In most countries, the minimum height is two feet and eight inches (81.3 cms). Include railings in your home naksha if a staircase is longer than 44 inches (111.8 cms).


Dining room (ghar ka naksha)

In a modest ghar ka naksha, the best location for your dining area is next to the kitchen. If you have a staircase in your home, it’s a good idea to put your dining room in front of it in the architecture of home. It has a beautiful look, and the room does not appear to be vacant or empty. Some properties may allow the installation of a dining room just beneath the stairs. Which is a great way to make use of extra space, as according Vastu rules.


Drawing room or living room 

In the ghar ka naksha, a drawing-room-turned-living-room is required to entertain your guests. The terms drawing hall and living room are frequently used interchangeably, however there is a distinction. A drawing hall is normally at the entrance of your home and for guests who are more of acquaintance in the ghar ka naksha. If you really want to entertain a known guest, you should do so in your living room. Unknown visitors might visit the veranda, that was built in the architecturally design, by being taken to the draw hall.

However, given the space limits in cities, these room partitions may not be readily available in all dwellings.


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