Living Room Feng Shui Tips : Layout, Position, Décor & More

Living Room Feng Shui Tips: Everyone in the house will benefit from your living room when you follow these straightforward feng shui principles. We offer some straightforward feng shui living room advice that will benefit your family’s happiness, prosperity, luck, and success.

One of the most crucial rooms in the house is the living room. The space is also the busiest. Here, you can spend time reading a book, have family movie evenings, and amuse your friends. As a result, it’s crucial that this area of your home radiate happiness and pleasant vibrations.

To do this in your living room, you must create an area that is harmoniously balanced and in harmony with the energy of the earth. Your living room will be a nicer place for everyone residing in the home if you follow these straightforward feng shui living room suggestions.

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Living room Feng Shui Advice for Joy and Prosperity

In the blog below, we share with you some basic feng shui living room recommendations that will help bring pleasure, prosperity, good luck, and success to your area. To learn more, keep reading:


Feng Shui living room with minimal clutter

The living room serves as the gathering area for the family, and if it is messy, it will have an adverse effect on the chi flow in your home. As a result, adjust your area such that you have enough room to go about without running into anything. It’s not necessary to fill every space in a room because minimalism is always fashionable.



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Avert Sloping Ceilings

Feng Shui design advice for living rooms states that they shouldn’t have low or sloped ceilings. Such areas exude pressure, which can prevent your visitors from ever feeling really at home in your living room. Additionally, these ceilings limit the flow of positive energy, or positive chi, and they make the room appear smaller.

If your property has a similar layout, strive to improve it by avoiding installing furniture there.


It ought to be more lit than a bedroom.

The yin energy of the home is in the bedroom, and the yang energy is in the living room. Yang is energised by health and energy and thrives in a well-lit environment. If your space doesn’t get enough sunlight, experiment with LEDs and tiered lights. A Feng Shui living room has a lot of natural light (think add accents or sconce).

By illuminating any shadows or dark corners in your living room, you may also boost the Feng Shui of the space. People living in the home may feel downhearted and their vitality may be sapped by a dimly lighted living room.


Utilize colour for your benefit.

Use of colour in your living space is one of the simplest methods to promote healthy chi. You have the option of painting your walls or using colour in accessories or furnishings like couches and sofas. The earth element is represented by the colours brown and yellow, which also promote household occupants’ health and have a favourable effect on interpersonal interactions. The colours blue and black symbolise water and might aid in job success. Red and orange, which are fire colours, may be used to infuse your house with force and joy. Refer to the Feng Shui bagua map for more detailed instructions.



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Make Room for Many Plants

Since they are living beings, plants can also absorb energy. Therefore, having a lot of plants around your home will help to promote a lot of yang energy. In addition, a lot of indoor plants clean the air in your surroundings and help keep it fresh. If you have a large statement potted plant, incorporate it into your Feng Shui living space by positioning it in the right corner of your main sofa or couch. This will encourage fruitful conversation. Another plant that is considered lucky in Feng Shui is the lucky bamboo; put one in your living room to bring riches and success into your house.


Consider Furniture Positioning

The arrangement of the furniture in a living room is crucial. For instance, to provide a sense of safety in the setting, the sofa should always be supported by a stronger structure like a wall. Never put your sofa in front of a window or balcony door as this blocks the entry of good energy into your room.

You may be affected by where a TV is placed. Make room for your TV on the north side of the room for professional luck; if you want to become renowned, the south side of the room might also make a wonderful TV location. Make sure the area in front of the TV is clutter-free because your TV could serve as an unintended mirror and reflect whatever is in the room.

Since the living room is a room that is used frequently, it is crucial that it be energise with good vibes. We really hope that these feng shui living room recommendations were useful.


If you have any other advice, please share it in the comments section below.


Things to Decorate a Feng Shui Living Room


Fountain with good karma

According to feng shui, the fountain’s flowing water is a symbol for the constant flow of riches and happiness into your house. An indoor water fountain is a terrific choice for your feng shui living room since it will fill the area with a lot of luck and pleasant energy. Put it on the room’s west, north, or south-west side.


Feng Shui Tips: Tortoise of Feng Shui

According to feng shui principles, the tortoise clearly represents a long life, as well as a happy life free of serious health problems and plenty. Any type of feng shui turtle can be use, including those made of metal, clay, crystals, resin, or even wood. Keep your stone tortoise next to the front door if your home’s primary entrance faces the west; it will serve as a watchdog.



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Three-Legged Frog of Feng Shui

The three-legged frog with the coin in its mouth symbolises riches and success in the feng shui realm. Place the frog at the front door for a prosperous living room and prepare to welcome luck into your house. But keep in mind that if you position a three-legged frog next to the entrance, Ensure that it faces the interior of the building. By doing this, you’ll ensure that you’re inviting money inside rather than the other way around.


Feng Shui Tips: The Crystal Lotus Feng Shui

A coloured crystal lotus in a feng shui living room will enhance the value of your space because it is known to bring love and harmony into a home. Buddhism considers the lotus to be a significant flower, therefore having one in your house can boost the positive energy there and foster harmony among family members.

The white lotus has several colours that represent various things. The yellow lotus will provide delight while also serving as a sign of intellect and energy, much to how the white or crystal clear lotus brings serenity and quiet to a location.


Feng Shui Living Room Tips in Summary

One of the most often utilised rooms in a house is the living room. It is a place that has to be both cosy and fashionable while also radiating a lot of good energy. With the straightforward feng shui living room recommendations outlined above, you may accomplish all of these goals.

Which of these advices were you already aware of? Or which feng shui advice will you use in your environment? Please describe it in detail in the comments box below.







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