Lohri Festival and Its Religious Importance: Everything You Need to Know

Lohri Festival is commemorated to pay homage to the winter solstice and is celebrated with love it is India’s famous festivals. 

What Is Lohri festival and What Should You Know About It?

Lohri festival is a prominent holiday in Punjab and Haryana, but it is also celebrated throughout the North Indian belt, making it one of India’s most famous festivals. However, it is widely recognized as Punjab’s harvest festival, and as such, it holds enormous significance for the Punjabi people.

Wheat is the principal crop in the Punjab area; farmers sow crops around October, and they are harvested in March or April. In the month of January, the fields are flooded with wheat crops, promising a splendid harvest. The magnificent Lohri celebration is held around this time, just before to the agricultural harvesting process.

The Lohri Festival is approaching, and preparations are in full gear. People look  to a pleasant spring season after Lohri, which marks the end of the frigid winter season. Flat in Kharghar, The event takes place one day before Makar Sankranti, which celebrates the start of bright and sunny days. There are many customs and rituals associated with Lohri celebrations, and individuals are prone to overlooking vital items when buying. So, here’s a checklist of everything you could need for Lohri 2022.


Lohri Checklist for 2022!!

The Lohri Festival and Its Religious Importance: Everything You Need to Know

1.Sesame seeds or black til:

Lohri is incomplete without the use of black til or sesame seeds. It’s one of the most significant elements in the Lohri celebrations. Black til is said to absorb all negativity and bring out the best in individuals. Black til is said to have originated in the sacred body of rishi Kashyap as he was meditating, and it is commonly employed in Indian ceremonies.

2. Timber:

Another vital element for a successful Lohri celebration is wood. In order to pull off a large-scale Lohri, you’ll need a lot of wood. The larger the fire, the longer it will burn and the greater the number of people who will be able to participate in the Lohri festival. As a result, gather lots of wood in advance of Lohri 2022.


The second item you’ll require is Goitha, sometimes known as dried cow dung. Cow dung is commonly utilized as a fuel source in the country’s rural suburbs. Women in some areas begin collecting enough gotta to light the Lohri fire a few days before the actual festival. This has now become a city-wide rite.

4.Peanuts and Popcorn:

During the Lohri festival, popcorn and peanuts, as well as a few other delicacies, are tossed into the fire, most likely because people enjoy the sound of items breaking in the fire. Traditional foods, on the other hand, were thrown into the fire as a gift to the Gods to placate them and thank them for the abundant crop.

5.Gajak and Rewari:

Kids went door to door singing joyous music on Lohri, as is customary. Foodstuffs like as Rewari, chikki, and Gajak were offered to the children at every residence they visited. These items were frequently considered ‘prasad’ for Lohri.


Sugarcane, also known as ganna, is collected in January and then burned for good luck. Sugarcane juice, which is used to make ‘kheer,’ is an important part of Lohri celebrations in Punjab, India. So, don’t forget to bring some Lohri 2022 sugarcane.

7.Bajre Ki Phulliyan & Gehu Ki Bali:

Last but not least, Bajre Ki Phulliyan and Gehu Ki Bali are two of the most traditional Lohri offerings. These are roasted before being thrown into the fire. It’s a method of thanking the Gods for the abundant crop while simultaneously praying for more.


The following are some of the reasons why you should attend a Lohri celebration at least once in your life.

The Lohri Festival and Its Religious Importance: Everything You Need to Know

The Importance of a Bonfire:

Are you curious as to why presenting traditional food to the flames has such a significant meaning on Lohri? Because the bonfire depicts Agni, the God of Fire. That is why people in Punjab burn various types of traditional cuisine to seek Lord Agni’s blessings, happiness, money, and success.

Gifts are exchanged:

Lohri is also an excellent opportunity to share joy with family and friends by sharing Lohri presents. It is not difficult for anyone to find unusual and unique presents for Lohri thanks to internet gift retailers. Lohri preparations begin a few days before the event for people from all around the country. They buy gifts and sweets for all of their loved ones to raise the festive atmosphere to new heights.

 Walking Around the Fire:

On Lohri day, it is thought that walking around the campfire would bring good fortune and luck to anyone who participate. Many followers of Lord Agni, also known as the God of Fire, believe that their prayers will be answered quickly and that circumstances would improve.

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