Village house design: some ideas to get you started

If you’re planning to build your dream home in your town, this pictorial guide will come in useful.

Village house design

Small town life allows you to be closer to nature while also providing peace and quiet that is sometimes lacking in metropolitan areas. Village houses have traditionally been a popular choice for post-retirement households. Furthermore, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic allowing people to work from home, there has been an increase in the number of people relocating to villages in search of healthier living alternatives. You’ll need some village house design ideas if you’re intending to build a village home.


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In a village, homes should have solid exteriors.

Village house design

A village house’s exterior must be strong because it could be exposed to severe weather. Apart from being attractive to the eye, this village home design takes care of those characteristics.


A simple village home design.

In the front, a basic home with extended glass windows will appear tall. The symmetrical pillars give the idea of elegance while remaining basic.

If you live near rice fields, this style is ideal for you since the big windows allow air to travel more freely in and out. In the morning and evening, you may unwind on the terrace.


As in village, traditional home design

Village house design

If you’re looking to create a weekend trip, this classic village hut design would be ideal. This village home design preserves the authenticity of rural India’s traditional housing settings and provides the ideal escape.

If you’re looking for more traditional ideas, the images below show an actual view of Indian village homes.


Village home with two roofs

Village house design 

This type of home design is now very popular. The two roofs in question are the main house’s huge roof and a small roof for the terrace in front. With a basic design, a two-roof village house will make your home appear unique.


The entrance’s two pillars

Village house design

You can utilize this design if you have a house on a large plot of land. Make an entry route on the right-hand side of your house, directly on the door pillar.

The house’s design, which stretches to the side and away from the pillars, makes it appear roomy and comfortable to live in.


House design of 2 square feet

Village house design 

This design appears to be more modern; yet, the squares on the left side of the home are unbalanced, making the house appear unattractive. If you reside inside a village close to the city, you can utilize this design. Your home is definitely superior to those from the city.


Build a wonderful home.

Village house design

A home with a design like the one above will glow at night. The yellow color and additional lighting at night will make your property stand out. Because of the large glass windows, it gives the sense of being both modern and exquisite.


Design of a big modern home

Village house design

A home that appears to be large but is yet modern is an example of a simple village house design. You are free to express how you might make your home seem like the picture above, which is quite modern because you have such a huge plot of land.


Front garden design for a small house

Village house design

If you’re thinking about how to design a house with a garden, the example above is a good place to start. The house’s modern and minimalist style is perfectly suited to be coupled with a little garden in front of the house. Your property appears to be alive thanks to the landscape.


Stunning courtyard designs

Village house design

In comparison to the size of the house, the design above favors a huge home site. This style is ideal for those of you who enjoy large-scale gatherings.

Not only the front page but also the backyard beyond the wall fence can be seen in the photo. You may use it as a swimming pool or a more shaded backyard inside the rear.


Home design in a village with a modern twist

Village house design

Having a property in a village does not rule out the idea of integrating a modern style. This is an intriguing design element.


Design Ideas for a rural house in India

  • Because weather conditions in India vary greatly among geographies, yearly weather events and their implications must be carefully considered before a house design in a village is finalized. Choose your building materials carefully and plan your project properly.
  • You can now use any city facility in your community thanks to infrastructure improvements. Determine that your village house provides you with the best of both worlds.
  • When constructing your village home, try not to have a negative effect on the surrounding area.
  • The beauty of the environment should be included in the design of your village house. You don’t want to destroy the place’s natural attractiveness.


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