MahaRERA: Registered Projects, Agents, And Complaints

The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority, also known as MahaRERA, is the state organization responsible for overseeing the development and registration of real estate projects in Maharashtra. After the Real Estate (Development and Regulation) Act of 2016 went into effect, the Maharashtra government established the MahaRERA authority in March 2017.

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Real estate regulatory agency for Maharashtra

MahaRERA was created to serve as a watchdog for Maharashtra’s real estate market. In actuality, Maharashtra was the first state to fully enact the historic Real Estate (Development and Regulation) Act, 2016.

The MahaRERA supports the regulation, growth, and complaint resolution of Maharashtrian homeowners. MahaRERA guarantees openness, responsibility, and ethical conduct in Maharashtra’s real estate industry. The MahaRERA is also in charge of registering new real estate projects, real estate agents, issuing genuine RERA IDs, confirming the legitimacy of projects, and promptly resolving disputes. The official MahaRERA website is located at (MahaRERA login).


MahaRERA: Important Duties and Purposes

To ensure ethical business practices and legal real estate transactions, the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) 2016 was passed. Real Estate Regulatory Authorities were established all around the nation to serve this objective. In Maharashtra, MahaRERA was founded with a similar purpose.

  • MahaRERA works to promote and support the development of a robust, open, effective, & competitive real estate market in Maharashtra.
  • In Maharashtra, MahaRERA works to safeguard the interests of allottees, real estate promoters, and real estate brokers.
  • Additionally, MahaRERA has established a grievance and dispute resolution process for registered real estate developments in Maharashtra.
  • To ensure and validate the real estate promoters’ disclosures of real estate projects
  • facilitating the registration of new real estate projects
  • Enable the registration of real estate agents in Maharashtra
  • Redress of concerns from homebuyers and developers of real estate
  • Give the government advice and recommendations on issues pertaining to the development and promotion of the Maharashtra real estate market.


Real estate project registration under MahaRERA

In Maharashtra, MahaRERA is the designated organization for the registration of projects that are 500 square metres or more, including residential and commercial. The following stages (MahaRERA registration) are available for real estate developers to submit applications for new project registration with Maharashtra RERA:

1: Visit, the MahaRERA website’s official login page, to log in.

MahaRERA: Registered Projects, Agents, And Complaints

2: On the home page, select the “Online Application” tab.

3: You will be led to after selecting the “Online Application” link.

4: Select “new registration” and complete the form that appears.

5: Complete the fields for the new user, including User Type, State, Username, Password, Mobile Number, and Email Address. Once a new user has been created, click “Go to login” (MahaRERA login).


After logging in to MahaRERA, you will be required to complete the promoter and project data as well as submit the relevant property documents as well as other certificates online. In this manner, a real estate project may be register on the MahaRERA website.


What paperwork must a real estate promoter provide in order to register with MahaRERA?

The projects listed below must be registered with MahaRERA using the following paperwork.

  • PAN card of the advertiser or group of advertisers
  • Information about the mortgages and encumbrances on the property (if any)
  • legal title copy
  • genuine certificates issued by the CA (Form 3)
  • genuine certificates issued by the CA (Form 5)
  • Valid Engineer Certificates (Form 2 – required only for ongoing/unfinished projects).
  • Project certificates of completion
  • a certified copy of the approved building plan & layout plan
  • signed purchase agreement and letter of allocation
  • Declaration in Form B
  • Valid Architect Certificate (Form 1 – only required for ongoing/unfinished projects).
  • valid architectural certificates (Form 4)


Register as a real estate agent with MahaRERA.

A person must register with MahaRERA as a real estate agent in order to legally practice real estate in Maharashtra. Each licensed real estate agent receives a special registration ID from the MahaRERA. Additionally, the registration lends credibility to the real estate agent and his methods of conducting business.

Follow the directions below to register as a real estate agent with MahaRERA.

1st : Visit, the MahaRERA website’s official login page, to log in.

2nd : On the home page, select the “Online Application” tab.

3rd : You will be led to after selecting the “Online Application” link.

4th : Select “New registration” and complete the form that appears. Choose the real estate agent user type.

5th : Complete the form with the necessary information, including User Type (choose “real estate agent”), State, Username, Password, Mobile Number, and Email Address, and then create a new user. Once a new user has been create, click “Go to login” (MahaRERA login).

To register as a real estate agent in Maharashtra, you must first log in to the MahaRERA website (MahaRERA login). You must then fill out the relevant fields, including those for your personal information, address verification, and identification.


What paperwork is needed to register with MahaRERA as a real estate agent?

The following documents must be submit in order to register with MahaRERA as a licensed real estate agent.

  • PAN Card of the Involved Person
  • Information regarding Registration, including the bylaws
  • Memorandum of Association (MoA)
  • Articles of Association (AoA)
  • All letterheads must be in self-attested copies.
  • Rubber-stamped letterhead copy with personal attestation.
  • The agent shall utilize lawful acknowledgment receipts.
  • Income Tax (IT) returns for the previous three years’ filings
  • Information on any active criminal or civil cases


How can a complaint be made to MahaRERA?

MahaRERA is the designated agency for filing complaints against dishonest real estate developers, for failure to deliver on promised services, and for excessive delays in project completion.

MahaRERA offers a simple method for submitting a complaint. The process to filing a complaint with MahaRERA is outline below in detail.

1st Step : Open the MahaRERA website at and log in to create a username and password.

2nd Step : Go to the ‘New Registration’ tab.

3rd Step : Complete the information requested in the “New Registration” section, including the state, username, password, user type, mobile number, email address, and Captcha code.

5th  Step: Go to the “My Profile” tab by selecting “Accounts” in the next step.

6th Step: Complete the form by entering your name, mailing address, phone number, and active email address.

7th Step: Go to the “Add New Complaints” tab under the “Complaint Details” tab in the next step. Complete the remaining information.

8th Step: After that, upload the necessary paperwork and a declaration.

9th Step: Click the online payment link once you’ve finished filing your complaint. The two payment methods are online and offline.


Which projects are exempt from MahaRERA registration requirements?

MahaRERA was established to register real estate brokers, real estate developments, and to shield homebuyers from phoney endeavors and unethical tactics. It’s important to note that not every project needs to be register with MahaRERA. The following situations exempt the project from MahaRERA registration requirements.

  • The planned development site for the real estate project has a maximum area of 500 square metres.
  • There will only be a maximum of 8 units built as part of the project (all phases)
  • Before the MahaRERA Act took effect, the promoter of the relevant real estate project was given a completion certificate (CC).
  • When a real estate project involves redevelopment, remodelling, or repair but not marketing, advertising, or the allocation of a new home, land, or structure.


Search Registered Projects with MahaRERA

MahaRERA was establish to give citizens a secure and simple home-buying process. Prior to making a purchase, potential homeowners can use the MahaRERA website (MahaRERA login) to look up registered projects.

1 Step: (MahaRERA Login) Access the MahaRERA website by going to

2 Step: In this step, pick “Registered Projects” from the drop-down menu under the “Registration” heading on the main page.

3 Step: A new window will be display.

4 Step: Choose “User Type” as “Registered Projects,” enter the project’s name, the promoter’s name, and the MahaRERA registration number, and then click “Search.” The registered project’s details will be visible on the screen.

Click on “advanced search” and then “State, District, and Pin code” to carry out a thorough search if you wish to look for the registered project by district.


Search for Registered Agents with MahaRERA

It is crucial to confirm the legitimacy and registration of a real estate agent before using their services. The MahaRERA offers a method for looking up registered agents online. Following the methods listed below, you can conduct an internet search for a licensed real estate agent.

Step 1: Visit to access MahaRERA’s official website (MahaRERA Login).

Step 2: Select “Registered Real Estate Agents” from the drop-down menu on the home page’s “Registration” tab. The subsequent page will load.

Step 3: After choosing registered agents, you must provide the required information, including the Agent’s name & MahaRERA registration number, and then click the “Search” button. The search terms will display the information of the registered agent.


MahaRERA: Online Project Revocation Search

Homebuyers should conduct a search for the revoked projects on the MahaRERA website to be on the safe side before making a sizable investment. Follow the instructions below to search for the list of cancelled projects on the MahaRERA website.

Step 1: (MahaRERA Login) Sign in to MahaRERA’s official website at (MahaRERA Login).

Step 2: On the home page, click the “Registration” tab and choose “Project- Registration Revoked or Ab Initio Void.” On the screen will show the most recent list of the projects that have been revoke.


In conclusion,

MahaRERA is the regulatory body in charge of developing and overseeing the Maharashtra real estate market. MahaRERA makes sure that there are no dishonest tactics use in Maharashtra’s real estate market.








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