Mumbai’s Property Registration Process & Costs

To be legally enforceable, a sale, transfer, gift, and lease must be in writing and recorded with the registration office. The guidelines for property registration in Mumbai are laid out in the Maharashtra Registration Rules, 1961. Mumbai’s real estate registration procedure is supervised by the Department of Registration & Stamps. The Inspector General of Registration & Controller of Stamps’ (IGR) office offers a variety of services, including property valuation, property tax computation, payment of registration fees, & stamp duty refunds, among others.

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IGR Maharashtra provides online services.

IGR, Maharashtra, offers the aforementioned services to the locals online for their convenience. Visit the official website,, to view property details. In order to facilitate quick services, IGR Maharashtra also just released the “SARATHI IGR Helpline” app. It provides services such property appraisals, document searches, notice filing, stamp duty services, and will registration.


How may a property be registered in Mumbai?

Online registration and documentation services are available through IGR Maharashtra. The necessity to visit the sub-office registrar’s (SRO) in person is lessen as a result. The property registration process must be complete offline in Mumbai, though, and two witnesses must be present. After the verification, the registration & stamp duty fees can be paid online. On the official website, a comprehensive list of sub-offices registrar’s is accessible.

The original selling deed for the apartment, the society’s NOC, the government-issue ID card, the PAN card, and the receipt for the stamp duty payment are all require documents to be submit with the property registration form.


What to do in Mumbai to register a property

  • Pick up the property registration form by going to the sub-office. registrar’s
  • Include all pertinent information on the application form, such as the building’s Cadastral Survey No. (CS No.), the year it was built, and the floor where the apartment is located.
  • After verification, the application is accept.
  • A registration number and acknowledgement receipt will be given after the require payment has been receive.

The IGR Maharashtra online services include the ability to digitally verify the status of registered properties from any location. IGR Maharashtra offers both free and paid internet search options for its users. With the use of survey numbers and document registration numbers, IGR Maharashtra documents, Maharashtra property papers, or past transactions can be examine via the e-search function. Information regarding properties registered in Mumbai, its suburbs, and other areas from 1985 is available thanks to these IGR Maharashtra papers.


Mumbai’s stamp duty and registration fees

The user can figure out how much registration stamp duty will cost on the IGR valuation website at

The following table details the Mumbai stamp duty & registration fees.

Areas in Mumbai Stamp Duty rates in Mumbai for men Stamp Duty rates in Mumbai for women Registration charges in Mumbai
Within the municipal limits of any urban area 6% of the market value of property 5% of the market value of property 1%
Within the limits of any gram panchayat 3% of the market value of property 2% of the market value of property 1%
Within the limits of any municipal council/ panchayat/ cantonment of any area within MMRDA 4% of the market value of property 3% of the market value of property 1%


IGR Maharashtra provides both online and offline options for paying stamp duty. The Maharashtra IGR website’s Government Receipt Accounting System (GRAS) allows for the online payment of stamp duty. One can pay both the stamp duty and the registration fees using information from IGR Maharashtra.




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