Property Tax in Navi Mumbai 2022

Navi Mumbai is a sizable municipal corporation that is situated outside of Mumbai, which serves as the country’s financial center. You must pay NMMC property tax if you own property in Navi Mumbai. Property taxes in the NMMC are variable for various sorts of properties, just like they are in all other districts in India. Whether you possess a residential or commercial property will determine how much NMMC property tax you will pay. NMMC stands for Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation.

For residential properties that are less than 500 square feet, the NMMC property tax has been repealed by the urban development minister of Maharashtra. This holds true till 2022. Pay your NMMC property tax by the due date if you own a residential property that is more than 500 square feet in size or a commercial property.

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What and Why Do NMMC Property Taxes?

Learn more about your NMMC property tax before paying it. If you purchase real estate in Navi Mumbai, the NMMC is in charge of it. More than 3.25 lakh properties registered under it are subject to NMMC property tax and must be paid. These include more than 58 thousand non-residential properties and more than 2.6 lakh residential ones. A total of 5600 industrial properties are subject to NMMC property tax.

All of these NMMC property tax payments bring in money for the state. The government then spends this money on city infrastructure and development. Visit the official website at to learn more about the NMMC property tax and how to pay it. Choose “Property” from the list of “Online Services.”

Payment for Property Tax NMMC | Property Tax in Navi Mumbai 2022

How to Pay Property Tax in NMMC

Your NMMC property tax may be paid in two different ways: online and offline. You would have to physically go to your ward office to pay offline. The simpler method is to pay your NMMC property taxes online. You must first do a property code search in both situations. Learn how to pay NMMC property taxes using the two options provided below.


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Online Payment for NMMC Property Taxes

Payment for Property Tax NMMC | Property Tax in Navi Mumbai 2022

  • Before selecting “SEARCH,” choose “Property Tax” and type “Property code.”
  • You will arrive at a website with information on the property, including the name of the owner, the penalty, and the amount owed.
  • To access the page with your payment choices, choose the option labeled “Pay Online.”
  • Any NMMC property tax payment mechanism is available, including credit card, debit card, net banking, NEFT/RTGS, and more.
  • The generation of a transaction reference number allows you to print out your challan.

Offline Property Tax Payment for NMMC

  • On the NMMC website, select the property tax payment option.
  • Enter the property code to view the property’s information.
  • You can produce an offline challan by selecting the “offline” payment option.
  • To pay NMMC property taxes, download the challan and go to the closest NMMC ward office.
  • Gather and keep the NMMC property tax receipt for future use.

NMMC Property Tax Bill Viewing Process

The ability to access the bill online is a convenience provided by the government. The option to “see current bill” is available on the official NMMC property tax page.

You would get at the page presenting property data with the outstanding amount after entering your property code.

  • Choose “view current bill” when you get there.
  • Your bill will be clearly apparent. This is printable and may be downloaded.
  • On this page, you may also access the invoices that have already been paid.

After using the website’s search the property by name option, you may also examine your bill. Choose the “Property Search” option to do this. On the property search page, enter information such a ward, plot, sector, building, and owner’s name. You have access to the remaining information, including any unpaid taxes.

Visit your property ledger for further information if you desire it. To access the page displaying information and unpaid NMMC property tax, enter your property code. The “View Ledger” option at the bottom of the page directs you to the property’s ledger page.

What is NMMC Property Tax Amnesty Scheme?

Government income is lost as a result of unpaid NMMC property taxes. When property taxes are not paid, the government imposes a fine. This aids in recouping losses for the government. Due to the epidemic, the government chose to exempt the majority of NMMC property tax payers from paying the substantial penalties. The “Abhay Yojana” or “Amnesty Scheme” has been put in place in its stead. Citizens may choose to pay the overdue tax under this plan by paying only 25% of the penalty. This motivates residents to come forward and pay overdue fees. Additionally, the procedure is more open now. On the official website, citizens can volunteer to use the Abhay Yojana programmer.

NMMC or Navi Mumbai Property Tax Calculation

Based on the ratable value of your property, you may determine your NMMC property tax payment. In order to maintain the transparency of tax computations, the NMMC discloses the ratable value for each financial year. The variables that affect its ratable value are;

  • Construction style
  • Making use of the space
  • Rent for the building
  • Improvements done to the home

Based on the proportion that the government has set according to the property’s use, you must determine the NMMC property tax. The NMMC property tax can be calculated manually or online. The government has set the amount at 68.33 percent for commercial and industrial properties and 38.67 percent for residential homes.

Manually calculating the NMMC property tax:

From the NMMC declaration, determine your property’s ratable value. You may also research the anticipated annual rental income for your home.

As a statutory deduction, subtract 10% of the estimated rent value. You may then get an idea of the ratable value.

Now figure out 38.67% of this ratable value if your property is a residential one. You should calculate 68.33 percent of the ratable value if your property is a commercial one. Your NMMC property tax would be due in that case.

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Online property tax calculation for NMMC:

You can quickly calculate your NMMC property tax using the online calculator provided on the government website.

  • On the NMMC website, select the property tax option.
  • The option for “Self Assessment of Property Tax” is displayed on the website for online property tax.
  • You may use the online tax calculator by selecting this option.
  • Fill in the appropriate boxes with the property’s information.
  • To receive an exact tax computation, click the “Compute Property Tax” option.

NMMC Property Tax: Important Information

  • Each fiscal year, the deadline for NMMC property tax payments is in February. The payment deadline for fiscal year 2022–2023 will be in February 2023.
  • The government will impose DPC if you do not pay the NMMC property tax within the allotted time (Delay Payment Charges). Then, in addition to the due tax, you must pay the DPC.
  • If you are a registered citizen, the NMMC allows you to file a grievance and follow up on it. If you have any grievances, you may file them at
  • The NMMC records allow for online name changes. The receipt for the most recent payment of the NMMC property tax bill must be submitted. Bring a NOC from the housing organization and an attested copy of the transaction deed as well.
  • You can sign up for an SMS alert for the due date and amount of your NMMC property tax. On the online payment page, select “Register for E-Demand/SMS Alert.”


The government provides a simple and open way for paying NMMC property taxes. On the official website, you can get all the information you need to use all the services. Your NMMC property tax may be paid either offline or online. Using the online tax calculator or manually calculating the amount due is an option. Don’t forget to pay the NMMC property tax before the deadline. The government is waiving a 75 percent portion of the late payment penalty because of the epidemic. If you want to take advantage of this chance, register online. Utilize all the resources the government is providing to streamline your work.




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