10 Effective Vastu Dosh Treatments

When applied to our homes or workplaces, the Vastu Shastra principles can help us live happy, prosperous, and healthy lives. However, if you spend a lot of time in a place that doesn’t follow Vastu, it may start to interfere with your life.

A Vastu Dosh in a residence might promote bad luck, illness, financial losses, love issues, and more. It’s time to make some adjustments if you live in a place like this.

No, you don’t have to tear down your home and start over, or transfer workplaces for that matter. Small environmental modifications can address complex Vastu problems.

The most typical Vastu dosh kinds seen in houses are revealed in this article, along with the quickest fixes that will eliminate them and offer you both material and personal abundance.

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Top Vastu Dosh Treatments

The top Vastu dosh cures for your home are listed below. Look into ways to correct any Vastu flaws that may exist in your house so you may live a life filled with wealth and happiness.

Image on the Front Wall

A depiction of the God you believe in should be visible when someone enters your home. The first wall that a person sees should have a portrait of the deity. The wall just in front of the entrance door may be this. Leaving it vacant could lead to financial issues in your house.

10 Effective Vastu Dosh Treatments

Home Wind Chimes

Most people primarily think of wind chimes as decorative goods. But when positioned properly, they can infuse your house with an uplifting vibe. Those who are having Vastu dosh issues ought to get a wind chime and put it above the door. To produce perfect harmony, the wind chime you purchase should include six or eight rods.

10 Effective Vastu Dosh Treatments

Embrace Crystal Balls

Crystal balls are seen as lucky when positioned within a home or business, according to Vastu Shastra. In addition to being formed of quartz, they also have a gorgeous appearance. These crystal balls are important because they neutralize bad karma and keep your house free of misfortune. Purchase a pink crystal ball for successful dating, an orange one for prosperous business, and a red one for good fortune.

10 Effective Vastu Dosh Treatments

Remove Negativity with Sea Salt

Spreading sea salt liberally around and around your home is one of the simplest Vastu recommendations to implement. You may banish any negative vibes from your home by scattering tiny, uncrushed sea salt crystals everywhere. You may also use a solution of sea salt and water to scrub your floor.

10 Effective Vastu Dosh Treatments

Position A Horseshoe At The Entrance.

A horseshoe is said to be necessary to be affixed to the front door of your home since it can bring money and good fortune. Placing the horseshoe at the front entrance is ideal since it draws good energies as well. Avoid hanging the horseshoe upside-down to prevent the entry of evil or bad energy.

Spreading sea salt liberally around and around your home is one of the simplest Vastu recommendations to implement.

Clear Problems with Camphor Crystals

Place camphor crystals in various locations throughout your house if you’re seeking for one of the greatest Vastu Dosh cures. Two crystals of camphor should be kept at home by someone who is anticipating significant financial losses or a lack of future resources. When the camphor balls start to shrivel, they need to be replenished.

10 Effective Vastu Dosh Treatments


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Put a Mirror in the Correct Position

You must locate the mirror at the proper location to remove Vastu dosh. If the mirror is positioned correctly, positivity may flood your house. Both the placement of the mirror and the presence of your bed in its image should be avoided.

10 Effective Vastu Dosh Treatments

Throw Away Clocks and Broken Mirrors

Keeping anything damaged in your home is bad luck, according to the Vastu shastra rules. Broken or even damaged dishes, such as plates, can foster negativity and cause financial problems in your home.

The worst things to have are broken mirrors. When a mirror is shatter, the reflection of whatever you are attempting to attract will also be damage since mirrors reflect what is in front of them. This makes broken mirrors a highly dangerous object to have about the house.

10 Effective Vastu Dosh Treatments

A broken clock is something else to be on the lookout for. This is also said to bring misfortune and harm one’s health.

Broken clocks, pots, and mirrors in your home must be thrown away since they might bring bad luck. Replace faulty mirrors and ineffective clocks with functional ones if you don’t want to experience financial difficulties or health problems.

Choose the Correct Swimming Pool Direction

Your apartment building’s or home’s swimming pool shouldn’t face west, south, or southwest. However, having a swimming pool facing north or east is seen to be lucky. Negativity might be welcome if water components are place in the incorrect place.

10 Effective Vastu Dosh Treatments

Discard Old Pots

Since clay is a component of the earth, it occasionally needs to reintegrate. When moving into a new home, it is advisable, according to Vastu Shastra, to get away of your old clay pots. Reusing old clay pots in a new house is frown upon as unlucky.

10 Effective Vastu Dosh Treatments

Vastu Shastra Home Tips

  • Only worship your God and goddesses in the mandir or pooja room of your home. Don’t store anything in the room or utilize it for anything else around the house.
  • When designing the kitchen, make sure the cooking space is orient such that anyone using the stove faces east. This assures that everyone in the family will be happy and healthy.
  • Because toilets and bathrooms are locations where we dispose of our bodily waste, it is recommend to always install toilets in the west or north-west. Any other orientation in the home that the toilet is locate generates Vastu dosh.
  • Avoid using dark colors like black and red in the living room or any other area where you host visitors. Negative energy is absorb by these colors.
  • At all costs, your bedroom must not have a mirror or a bed that faces one. Your lives are curse by this.
  • Plants that purify the air and energy in your area, such as the areca palm, peace flower, various ornamental grasses, and even the snake plant, make excellent home decorations.
  • Check to make sure your bed is not back by a window. Your bedroom’s windows should be on the east or north wall.
  • Your home’s furnishings should be shape like a square or rectangle. The concepts of Vastu Shastra are not compatible with weird shape objects or even components that are circular.
  • For the hours after sundown, install strong lights in the pooja room. The pooja chamber should never be left in complete darkness, according to Vastu Shastra.
  • Reserve the south-east corner of the living room for the television. You’ll have a lot of problems with the television in the southwest corner, and it can break down too frequently.

Summarizing Vastu Dosh Treatments

Vastu dosh may have a serious effect on individuals, therefore it’s best to find a remedy as soon as you can if it’s been identifies in your area.

We go into great detail about Vastu dosh, its kinds, and how to get rid of it from your house or place of business in the above post. You may balance your relationships, finances, and health by making little adjustments in accordance with Vastu Shastra. Have you made any of these adjustments in your house and seen a benefit?


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