Proper Sleeping Orientation According To Vastu Shastra

Sleeping Orientation : Getting enough sleep at night is important for your health and makes you feel refreshed when you wake up. Check not just how your bedroom is structured, but also your sleeping direction, or the way you face while you sleep, to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian system, recommends certain rules for sleeping in the best direction, which can have a significant impact on a person’s physical and mental health.


Proper Sleeping Orientation According To Vastu Shastra and which way to sleep scientifically.


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Knowing the best sleeping orientation according to Vastu Shastra is essential.

Assuring the ideal sleeping posture according to Vastu will improve one’s physical and mental health. People from different hemispheres may have to follow various regulations. As a result, the best Vastu sleeping posture may be linked to the earth’s magnetic pull.


northern hemisphere, the best sleeping orientation

To begin, we must comprehend the effects of magnetic fields and electromagnetic energy on our health. Magnetic poles exist on both the planet and the human body. Magnetic poles travel north to south on our globe, with the positive pole in the north and the negative pole in the south. Because of the earth’s magnetic attraction, sleeping in a northerly direction can cause the two positive poles to reject each other.

According to Vastu principles, the optimal sleeping orientations are east and south, with the head facing east or south and the legs facing west or north. It is also the most scientific method of sleeping.

These are the best sleeping directions if you live in the northern hemisphere. As a result, it’s critical to position the bed in a way that encourages proper energy flow and provides restful sleep.


southern hemisphere, the best sleeping orientation

According to Vastu Shastra, the optimal sleeping orientation depends on which hemisphere you live in. It is critical to understand the impacts of magnetic fields if you reside in the southern hemisphere. So, if you’re in this hemisphere, which direction should you sleep in according to Vastu? Except for the south, everyone may sleep with their head oriented in any direction.


Proper Sleeping Orientation According To Vastu Shastra and which way to sleep scientifically.

According to Vastu Shastra, the best sleeping directions for the southern hemisphere are north, east, and west.

Sleeping Orientation: Sleeping position and bed arrangement

The bed should not be positioned beneath any overhead beam or any other item, including windows, that might hinder the passage of energy, according to Vastu Shastra and Feng shui. The bed should be placed against a wall so that the door is visible but not in line with the bed. According to Feng shui, this puts you in power and puts you in the optimum sleeping posture. The feet should not be pointed in the direction of the entrance.


Sleeping Orientation: Designing a bedroom

Pay attention to the room’s design while ensuring you face the proper sleeping direction in the bedroom. Keep the bedroom clutter-free to facilitate a seamless flow of pleasant energy.

According to Vastu shastra, the colour scheme should address the three types of doshas – vata, pitta, and kapha – which symbolise the diverse natural components.

  • The colour palette of green and yellow is appropriate for persons with vata dosha (air).
  • The colour combination of blue and green is ideal for pitta dosha (fire and water).
  • Colour scheme of red and violet is ideal for the kapha dosha (earth and water).

As a result, in addition to guaranteeing the proper sleeping position according to Vastu, you may make appropriate changes to the room’s colour scheme to promote pleasant feelings.


Sleeping Orientation: Scientifically, which way should you sleep?

Humans appear to be sensitive to the earth’s electromagnetic energy, according to several scientific investigations. It has been shown that sleeping with your head to the south lowers your blood pressure and improves your sleep quality.

Sleeping with the head to the north, on the other hand, can have an affect on the body, putting pressure on the brain due to the magnetic pull. Because the head serves as the north pole, sleeping with your face to the north is not recommended.

As a result of the influence of the earth’s magnetic fields on our bodies, sleeping in the south is the best option.

Furthermore, knowing which direction is beneficial for sleep scientifically is important for ensuring good sleep quality and promoting good health. Certain sleeping positions are advised for those with certain issues, according to experts. For people suffering from back or neck discomfort, sleeping on one’s side is optimal.


Proper Sleeping Orientation According To Vastu Shastra and which way to sleep scientifically.



Sleeping Orientation: Sleeping on one’s left side is also suggest in Ayurveda since it allows for easier breathing and promotes bodily functioning. Many people question which side of the bed should sleep on according to Vastu. It’s crucial to remember the Vastu suggested sleeping direction as you ensure a pleasant sleeping posture.

So, in India, which way should you sleep scientifically? In the northern hemisphere, the proper sleeping orientation is east or south.

These hypotheses are supported by scientific evidence. When opposed to sleeping in other directions, sleeping in the south offers several advantages. Sleeping in a north-facing position can be harmful to one’s health since the head works as a north pole. Furthermore, sleeping in the proper position assists in achieving rapid eye movement sleep, which is critical for increased cognitive capabilities.

In addition, the optimum sleeping position is one that avoids geomagnetic influence. According to Vastu Shastra, the goal is to create a favourable environment by combining the five elements of nature, diverse orientations, and energy fields, resulting in better health, money, and general well-being.


In Vastu, why is east the ideal sleeping direction?

The east is the rising sun’s direction and is said to be beneficial for meditation and other spiritual pursuits. Sound sleep is achieve by sleeping with one’s head pointed east and feet pointing west. The optimum sleeping orientation is east since it boosts memory and attention. As a result, it is also suggested for pupils. It’s also crucial to have the bed in the kids’ room facing east in order to promote their healthy development.

In addition, the planet rotates from west to east. Beneficial waves move in this direction, providing positive energy to the body. It also helps to balance the three Ayurvedic doshas of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. As a result, the optimal sleeping direction is east.


Why is it that sleeping in the south is the greatest option?

In Vastu, sleeping with your head towards the south and your feet towards the north is highly advise. It encourages comfortable sleep and has several health advantages. According to magnetic field theory, sleeping in this direction promotes sleep harmony.

Lord Yama, the deity of death, rules from the south. Sleeping in this direction, according to Vastu, improves deep sleep, which has several health advantages, including decreasing blood pressure and removing sleep deprivation and anxiety issues. It’s also the finest sleeping position for attracting riches and success.


The consequences of sleeping with your head turned west

According to Vastu, sleeping in the west is not a good idea. Sleeping with one’s head towards west might cause restlessness. The guest rooms are sometimes constructed to face west.


Is sleeping in the west a smart idea? The answer isn’t one-size-fits-all.

It’s possible that sleeping in this direction isn’t for everyone. It can, however, motivate a person to succeed. So, according to Vastu, sleeping in this direction would not harm you if you want to be successful. It will remove any bad vibes from your life.


The effects of sleeping with your head pointing north

According to Vastu, sleeping in the north is not recommended. As a result, sleeping with one’s head facing north should be avoid. Sleeping in this direction can cause blood pressure to fluctuate and make it harder for the heart to pump blood due to the influence of the earth’s magnetic forces. In comparison to the blood arteries that go down, those that reach the brain have a delicate hair-like pattern. It is thought that there is a danger of bleeding in some situations. Furthermore, iron is present in the blood, and the magnetic pull of sleeping to the north draws iron, which has an effect on the brain.

Sleeping with your back to the north might alter blood circulation and cause health issues such as headaches.

For couples, the best sleeping direction

Certain Vastu guidelines must be consider while building a bedroom for two people. It is advise that the bed be place in the south or south-west. In addition, Vastu dictates that the wife sleep on her husband’s left side to ensure a happy marriage. Couples should sleep with their heads towards south, south-east, or south-west. When sleeping, avoid sleeping facing the entrance or beneath any overhead beam.

Remove any objects that might block the flow of energy and are unrelated to the relationship. Electronic devices, such as computers, are not permitted in the bedroom. Instead, objects that will strengthen the bond, such as elephant figurines, might be place. These are some things to think about while selecting which way couples should sleep.


master bedroom, the best sleeping position

The greatest sleeping orientation, according to Vastu Shastra, is east or south, since it promotes sound and pleasant slumber.

Master bedroom, According to Vastu Shastra, the master bedroom should be built in the house’s south-west corner. When planning the master bedroom, keep in mind the Vastu recommendations for sleeping direction. Make sure your bed’s headboard is facing south or west so that your legs are facing north or east when you sleep. There should be no overhead beams or windows behind the headboard, as this might negatively impact sleep quality.

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