Vastu Tips: Direction to Place Money Plant At Home

One of the most well-liked houseplants in India is the money plant. Money plants’ heart-shaped leaves give the décor a luxuriant feel without any mess or dirt. A money plant is also known as a natural air filter and has ornamental appeal in addition to several health advantages. The money plant’s heart-shaped leaves are thought to bring about lifelong friendships.

Additionally, money plants are more auspicious as interior plants since, according to Vastu, they draw luck, wealth, and prosperity as well as positive energy. It may be stored at home or in the office. Keeping lucky plants at home brings success in the household and removes money issues, according to Vastu Shastra principles.

Follow these Vastu recommendations if you intend to bring a money plant home to position it in the proper location.

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Vastu Tips: Direction to Place Money Plant At Home

Where can a Money Plant are Kept at Home?

According to Vastu principles, a money plant should be put in the house’s north or south-east entryway.

Living Room

Money plants are said to be good for attracting luck and prosperity and should be maintained at the south-east corner of the room, according to several Vastu gurus. Venus and Lord Ganesha both represent prosperity and luck because they dominate this direction. To see a money plant’s beneficial effects in your life, it is crucial to arrange it correctly. The southeast corner of the room is a good area to put the money plant in an aquarium.

It is thought that Lord Ganesha removes the resident’s ill luck and bestows him with wealth and success.

House Entrance to the North

According to Vastu principles, the house entrance is the ideal location to keep the money plant if your home is on a north-facing site. The family members’ new professional prospects and sources of money will be attracted by this arrangement.


On the left or right side of the bed, but far from the footrest or headrest, money plants can also be maintained in bedrooms. The money plant needs to be positioned correctly in accordance with Vastu principles.

 A money plant in the bedroom aids in minimizing sleep difficulties and preventing conflicts.

Avoid Going East-West

Money plants should never be placed in the east-west direction of a home or room as this could cause issues such as financial difficulties, conflicts, and marital discord.

Towards The Corners

Sharp edges are a source of stress and unfavorable energy, according to Vastu. Money plants can be positioned in corners to counteract the negative impacts, which will help reduce stress in the home.


Money plants can flourish in damp areas like restrooms since they are simple to grow. The money plant can be kept in a bathroom without harm, according to Vastu. If your bathroom receives a lot of direct or indirect sunshine, you can easily maintain it. Keeps the money plant by a window facing southeast.

Close To Gadgets and Electronics

Money plants have the ability to absorb radiation, making them suitable for placement close to Wi-Fi networks, laptops, and televisions.

Note: According to Vastu, a money plant should never be put outside of the house; it belongs in the yard.


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Advice for Growing Money Plant Inside

Instead of being cultivated outside the house, money plants perform best when grown inside. It can be grown in a bottle or a little jar. If a money plant is cared for outside the home, make sure to keep it out of the sunlight. Keep it somewhere shaded.

Vastu has the view that the more green the money plant, the greater the likelihood of bringing wealth into your home. According to money plant Vastu, having lush foliage on your money plant will improve your fortune.

Keep your money plants on the edge of your apartment or residence.

According to Vastu Shastra guidelines, the money plant can only be kept indoors and should never be left outside. You can keep it along the house/perimeter. Apartment’s For instance, a window sill might mark the edge of a flat. There is a lot of good energy coming from the plant.

Guidelines for Avoiding

It’s crucial to just maintain the money plant facing the Vastu direction. According to Vastu, it is not advisable to place plants on north or east walls or the north-east corner because doing so could lead to financial loss, health problems, and conflicts. Jupiter and Venus do not get along because they both dominate the north-east, which could lead to losses.

Vastu Dos and Don’ts for Money Plants

Avoid Using Red

Place the money plant away from anything red. Make sure the money plant is not kept near anything red or on anything red. For instance, keep the plant away from red-painted household appliances like the refrigerator, garbage disposal, grinder, and washing machine.

Keep It Away From The Kitchen

Keep your money plants away from the kitchen. Keeping it close to these things can negate the good fortune and prosperity the money plant brings.

Choose Shades Of Green Or Blue

Grow the money plant in a green or blue vase for the best results. More riches will be attracted as a result, and it will also aid in clearing any energy flow barriers. It creates greater room for the passage of good energy. You may grow your money plant at home by using old plastic bottles or containers that you can DIY into lovely flower plants.

Check That The Space Is Airy

Don’t put the money plant outside. But you put the money plant somewhere that is open and gets some shade.

Leaves Shouldn’t Fall To The Ground

Ensure that none of the leaves hit the ground. Growing vines are a symbol of growth and fortune according to money plant Vastu. Make sure to prune and maintain the money plant once it has grown. Money plants are thought to be manifestations of the goddess Lakshmi. Make sure your money plant’s stems or leaves aren’t touching the ground because doing so is very unlucky.

Make Sure Your Money Plant Develops Higher

Use a plant pole or moss stick to grow your money plant if it was planted in a container. Coco poles are perfect because they are porous, which allows for great moisture retention and enables the plant’s roots to naturally cling to the coir fiber. Even a bamboo can be used to support your money plant.

No One Else Should Care Your Money Plant

Not even near neighbors or friends. Giving your money given to someone by allowing them to prune it is symbolic. According to Vastu, taking care of and pruning lucky trees or plants in order to get money for someone else might also be detrimental to the plant.

Put It In a Container With Water

Avoid placing the money plant in a water container if you are placing it in the south-east direction; instead, plant it in soil and use a brown-colored pot. Darker red hues can also be used.

Keeping a Money Plant in the Bedroom

Your attitude and excitement can be improved by having a money plant in your bedroom. Your mind may become calmer as a result after a stressful day. Keep the money plant at least 5 feet away from the bed if you’re planting it in a bedroom.

Maintain A Money Plant Inside

According to Vastu, keeping the money plant indoors gives the greatest benefits. It is thought that a money plant will attract more luck if it is in better health. One of the money plant’s notable advantages is that it regulates indoor humidity, which raises indoor temperature.

Do Not Give The Plant To Anyone Else

According to Vastu, a money plant shouldn’t be offered to other people since it aggravates Venus, the goddess who bestows riches.


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Aquarium with Money Plant

Vastu Tips: Direction to Place Money Plant At Home

A money plant in an aquarium is a great technique to increase the positive energy flow in the home. A money plant can be positioned atop an aquarium. Allow the aquarium water to serve as the money plant’s growing medium. This setup aids in the aquarium water’s ability to absorb nitrates. It is beneficial for aquatic life.

Benefits of Money Plant

Interiors look better with indoor plants. Popular indoor plants like the money plant have several advantages.

  • It is also believe that keeping a money plant in your home can bring luck and riches.
  • One of the money plant’s key advantages is its capacity to clean the air by removing airborne toxins like carbon monoxide.
  • According to Vastu, a money plant should be position in the southeast corner of the home to foster harmony and a healthy environment.
  • Aquariums can be use to grow money plants indoors. The plant prevents nitrates, which are bad for fish, from entering the water.

Vastu Tips: Direction to Place Money Plant At Home

Different kinds of money plants exist. Jade plant, golden money plant, silver money plant, marble queen money plant, marble prince money plant, split leaf money plant, Swiss cheese money plant, and Chinese money plant are a few of the types that are well-known in India.

How Should The Money Plant Be Cared?

  • Through stem cutting, money plants can be readily grown in a water-fill container or in a plant pot. Every week, top off the vessel’s water with tap water to ensure that the plants have access to all the minerals they need to flourish.
  • Remove the withered leaves since they represent bad energy. Make sure to give the money plant regular watering and keep pests away if you are putting it in soil.
  • Place the money plant in partial shade and give it weekly watering or more often if the interior air is particularly dry.
  • If properly cared for, money plants have a 20 meter maximum height.
  • To keep it healthy, remove any leaves that are yellow or dry. According to money plant Vastu, one should make sure that dry leaves are taken out because a dried plant represents bad luck.
  • If you’re putting the money plant in a cool room, spray it often to prevent it from getting too dry from the cool air.
  • Use regular tap water rather than water with a lot of fluoride or chlorine.
  • To keep the plant looking healthy and simple to care, you should regularly trim it.

If not maintained according to Vastu principles, indoor money plants may have significant drawbacks. According to Vastu Shastra, a plant is deem unlucky if it is maintain outside the house or if its development is limit.

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