Vastu Advice for a City Apartment

Owning a large, roomy home is a pipe dream for someone who lives in a major city. Because there is less land available and more people live in metropolitan regions where there are more job and career opportunities, this is the case. No matter how big or little your apartment is, it should be a comfortable place for you to live and should completely satisfy you. Ideally, you should conform to the fundamental Vastu principles for apartments, which suggest very straightforward solutions like the use of particular plants, small objects, decorative accessories, colors, etc., as well as the placement of household items and furniture in accordance with the advised directions. Here are 15 Vastu suggestions for a city apartment:

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The Flat’s Front Door

Vastu Advice for a City Apartment

This is one of the fundamental things to look out for when searching to purchase a flat. For the proper flow of positive energy in your apartment, the entry must be in the East, North-West, or Northern directions. To keep bad energy from entering your apartment, lay a doormat at the front door of your home. The apartment’s front door should be the largest in the entire residence. If possible, you should hang a nameplate at the front door of your apartment to draw pleasure, good health, and abundant fortune.

Room for Pooja

Vastu Advice for a City Apartment

According to Vastu guidelines for a flat, the idols should be placed at the northeastern corner of the Pooja room. The best direction to pray in is either the northeast or east. As a result, when positioning the deities, the instructions should be taken in mind.

The Positioning of Tanks

Vastu Advice for a City Apartment

According to Vastu Shastra, the under-water tanks should be position in the north-eastern direction and the overhead tanks in the south-western direction. Some of you may disregard the Vastu advice for water tank placement; however it is said to encourage good energy in the home. According to Vastu principles, placing a tank incorrectly can result in accidents and wealth loss.

The Master Bedroom’s Location

Vastu Advice for a City Apartment

The master bedroom should ideally be in the South-Western corner of the apartment, according to Vastu principles. The bed should also be position with the south or west wall facing it. It aids in attracting good vibes.

The Layout of the Drain Pipes

Vastu Advice for a City Apartment

According to Vastu Shastra specialists, a flat’s drainage pipes should lead and open outward in the North, North-West, or West directions. Because it could negatively affect the lives of those living in the house, the pipes shouldn’t be install facing south-west.

Children’s Room’s Direction

Vastu Advice for a City Apartment

The North-Western corner of the apartment is the optimum location for the child’s room. So, for the sake of your children’s health and improvement, this needs to be plan appropriately. Additionally, it will provide warmth, affection, and great energy. Your youngster will sleep better and have pleasant dreams if Vastu advice is follow.

Location of the Toilet and Bathroom in a Flat

The North-Western corner of the apartment is the optimum location for the child's room.

Only in the southern or western direction should the bathroom and toilet be built. A bathroom and a toilet are thought to have a certain amount of unfavorable energy, according to Vastu Shastra. Therefore, following the directed rules aids in balancing out the negative energy. Additionally, you should keep an eye out for any leaks in the plumbing system or leaky faucets as this could lead to financial loss.

Location of a Drawing Room in a Flat

Vastu Advice for a City Apartment

Only facing south, North West, or west is the best direction for the drawing room. You should leave adequate space in your drawing room, which serves as the focal point of your apartment, to allow for a free flow of positive energy throughout the entire building. Visitors will feel at home and likely extend their stay if the drawing room faces one of these directions when they arrive at your home.

Location of a Kitchen in a Flat

Vastu Advice for a City Apartment

A flat’s kitchen should be located in the south-western corner. One of the most important and frequently used rooms in every apartment or home is the kitchen. Therefore, following this Vastu advice is crucial for your family’s health and happiness. Additionally, it promotes improved health and increases productivity at work.

Windows and Doors in a Flat

Vastu Advice for a City Apartment

An apartment’s doors and windows must open inward, must be an even number, and must be multiples of eight. To ensure that there is no barrier preventing positive energy from entering the home, the doors and windows should be open from the inside. Additionally, the windows and doors should face the opposite direction to ensure that both positive and negative cycles are finish. You can also hang images of Ganesha, Om, Laxmi, and Swastika on your door.

Balconies in the Apartment

Vastu Advice for a City Apartment

Your apartment’s balconies should face east, northeast, or north. Positive energy would be able to flow freely, and there would be plenty of sunlight and clean air.

Proper Placement of Furniture in Your Apartment

Vastu Advice for a City Apartment

The northeastern portion of the flat is said to be extremely auspicious, thus it is recommend to keep this area clear to allow for an appropriate flow of positive energy and to improve general wellbeing. Every room in your apartment should have a heavy piece of furniture, such as a sofa or an almirah, on the Southern wall.

Location of the Waste Bins 

Ideal placement for the household’s trash cans and dustbins is in your apartment’s Southwest corner. Negative energy is thought to come from the trash can. So, in accordance with Vastu Shastra, you should position the trash can in the indicate direction.

Placement of the Guest Room

Vastu Advice for a City Apartment

In accordance with Vastu Shastra, the guest room in your apartment should face northwest. Decorating with the Vastu principles in mind will help you and your visitors live prosperous lives.

Placing Mirrors in the Apartment

Vastu Advice for a City Apartment

Mirrors should be scatter throughout your apartment, according to Vastu Shastra. This would provide enough room for the enormous good energy flow in your apartment. To ensure that the mirrors in your apartment are properly place to produce the desire effects, you might consult a qualify Vastu expert.

Aquarium Placement in the Apartment

Vastu Advice for a City Apartment

If the aquarium is to be put in the living room, it should face South-East. You should place it facing north if you wish to put it in any other room. The energy in an aquarium can be change from negative to positive.

Location of Electronic Devices in the Apartment

Vastu Advice for a City Apartment

According to the Vastu principles, you shouldn’t place any electronic or heat-producing equipment in the northeast. The gadgets can be position in a different direction to deflect bad energy.

Summary: Vastu Advice for Flats

Your complete family would benefit greatly from adhering to the Vastu guidelines for flats mentioned above in terms of good health, money, and prosperity. So, attempt to follow these straightforward guidelines to stay clear of any Vastu Dosh.




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