Vastu Animals : Tips For Keeping Birds & Pets At Home

Numerous health advantages come with pet ownership. They can encourage individuals to move more, get outside, and interact with others. Lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels can be accomplished by walking or playing with dogs. Pets’ companionship can help us cope with feelings of loneliness and despair. We shall go into great depth on Vastu animals for homes in this article. Vastu offers several suggestions for dogs as well, as they are an essential component of your house. Let’s get to the information without further ado.

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Which Animal Should You Keep as a Pet According to Vastu?

We have you covered if you want to adopt a pet while keeping Vastu Shastra’s guidelines in mind. You should look at the following list of Vastu animals for your home:


Do you know that keeping pets at home is highly advised by Vastu Shastra?

Pets may provide us so much happiness, whether they are dogs, cats, birds, turtles, or even frogs. They are constantly there, make us laugh, and provide us solace when we are sick or furious. Each animal is linked to positive energies that influence the general health of your home. Therefore, read down for the whole list if you intend to maintain a pet and are interested in learning about the most well-liked Vastu animals for homes.




Birds are regarded as particularly lucky creatures for homes in Vastu. Some birds, according to Vastu, have such a beneficial effect that it’s thought you may get the same advantages by having a photograph of them at home that looks just like the real thing! Some issues brought on by planetary locations can be resolved by feeding birds.

Vastu Animals : Tips For Keeping Birds & Pets At Home


Dogs serve as your home companion and are devoted and protective. The most common Vastu animal for a home is a dog. They ought to be housed in a kennel that faces north. It is also appropriate for a home. Ensure that the entrances to your home and the doghouse are identical.

Vastu Animals : Tips For Keeping Birds & Pets At Home


The pee stinks and the rabbit’s fur transmits infections, yet having a bunny around the house can help with thyroid issues. They also bring good fortune, though! They rapidly become a part of your family and are also really adorable. Rabbits are particularly popular with children.

Vastu Animals : Tips For Keeping Birds & Pets At Home

Vastu Animals-Turtle 

A turtle is one of the most well-liked pets. Maintain your turtle in a tank that faces north. Turtles are among the Vastu creatures for homes that are thought to bring riches, luck, and success. In essence, according to Vastu, turtles are lucky creatures. They will offer you luck and serve as a symbol of riches.

Vastu Animals : Tips For Keeping Birds & Pets At Home

Vastu Animals-Fishes

Fish, like turtles, bring luck, wealth, and health. Place the fish aquarium at the northeast corner of the room to get the most out of these Vastu animals for the house. One black goldfish and seven goldfish are said to bring fortune into the home.

Vastu Animals : Tips For Keeping Birds & Pets At Home

Vastu Animals-Frogs

Even if many people do not keep frogs as pets, it is important to realise that Vastu advises against it. Frogs are highly lucky creatures for homes according to Vastu. They are known as charms of fortune. They assist your family become closer and lower the tension in your household. Additionally, Vastu advises keeping them in a pond outside of your house, such a balcony or verandah.


Vastu Animals-Birds of Love

You can keep a pair of love birds indoors (love birds Vastu), but make sure their cage is positioned in the northeast corner of the building. You need to be aware of these guidelines if you’re buying a house and follow Vastu principles.

Vastu Animals : Tips For Keeping Birds & Pets At Home


Vastu Animals-Cats 

Cats People have varying opinions on having cats as pets in the home. But dispelling the fallacies enables us to comprehend what the Vastu Shastra says about cats. Cats are a Vastu symbol for Laxmi, the goddess of prosperity and plenty. Cats are clever and incredibly loving creatures. In order to lessen the doshas linked with the South East direction, Vastu Shastra emphasises keeping cats as pets or feeding them. Cats are beneficial Vastu animals for the house since they enhance the health of the female residents. Considering that cats are connected to the goddess Laxmi, it is believed that they attract riches and money.

Vastu Animals : Tips For Keeping Birds & Pets At Home

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Vastu Animals for Your Home

Here are some crucial recommendations to keep in mind if you intend to maintain dogs. To prevent inviting negative feelings or energy into your home, Vastu Shastra advises that you give these suggestions considerable thought.


  • You could benefit from getting your dog a quality kennel or home that faces north.
  • Make sure the entrances to the home and the kennel are separate as well.
  • Fish have long been recognised by Vastu Shastra as being animals that enhance the health and prosperity of a home. The only direction in which this would be conceivable is northeast.
  • It is believed that placing your pet’s bed in the northeast or east will bring happiness and joy to them. They will also be polite. This route is represented by freedom and positive energy.
  • A bird feeder and perch should be placed toward the north, northwest, and east, according to animal Vastu Shastra.
  • Make sure the birds have access to adequate clean air, daylight, and a spacious location.
  • Bird cages are cruel treatment. This might spread unfavourable energy throughout the entire house.
  • Always keep bird water in the southeast corner of the home in an earthenware dish.
  • According to Vastu Shastra for animals principles, a turtle tank should face north, which is seen as fortunate.
  • Eagles are commonly kept as pets in Dubai, which is unusual in India. To enhance their mental and visual abilities, they should be maintained facing southwest.
  • Vastu experts have differing opinions on cats; some think they attract bad energy, while others entirely disagree.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, a black dog as a pet is extremely auspicious.
  • The optimal direction for domestic cattle is to the northwest.



Additional Interesting Animal Vastu Shastra Facts

Vastu Shastra has a number of facts associated with it. not just animals, but pets in general of all types. Discover these fascinating Vastu facts by reading on:

  • According to Vastu Shastra, owning dogs can lessen despair and anxiety.
  • According to Vastu, frogs are a sign of prosperity and wealth. If they come in hopping around to your balcony or verandah, do not cage them. Instead, release them.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, keeping a black frog at home is a great method to lessen the negative impacts of the planets Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn.
  • According to Vastu, ferocious dogs and animals are also a sign of peace and good fortune. They make your home feel cosy.
  • Cats are viewed as a sign of prosperity in Feng Shui as well. One of those creatures that promotes happiness and positive vibes is the cat. Because cats are considered lucky, many people outside of India own them as pets.


Final Thoughts: Vastu Animals for the Home

Our list of Vastu animals for house is a YES if you love animals and have or want to keep pets! Take care of the aforementioned advice, and you’ll be ready to reap the rewards of a pet’s energy and presence in your home.






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