Vastu Guidelines For Caring Pets And Birds In The Home

We go through the basic guidelines for keeping birds and pets at home, as advised by Vastu Shastra. Domestic animals and humans have had a long-standing relationship. Pet ownership has been shown to provide health advantages in various research. Pets have been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, enhance levels of the feel-good hormone oxytocin, and even relieve some forms of pain. We must appreciate them for what they accomplish while also ensuring that they are well care for.


Vastu guidelines for caring for pets and birds in the home


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Animals and birds, such as love birds at home, have an exceptional power to manage elements, putting an end to the universe’s negative impulses, according to Vastu Shashtra. The popular name given to several parrot species is “lovebird.” There are a few key Vastu tips and regulations you should follow if you want to keep your pets happy and healthy while establishing a nice and prosperous atmosphere in your house.


At-home Vastu advice for pets and love birds

Animals have different affects on a home and its people based on their species, according to Vastu for pets. Which pet should you bring home with you? How should a pet be kept? Additional Vastu pets for house questions may arise. So, let’s look into some often asked questions.


Vastu guidelines for caring for pets and birds in the home


Dogs are considere to be a man’s best buddy. As family pets, dogs serve as a symbol of affection and protection. The dog should be house in an enclose location facing north, according to Vastu Shastra standards. If you live in a bungalow, you must keep your dog’s kennel near the front door. Dogs should also be wash on a regular basis; if they are unclean, they should not be let into your home.


Vastu guidelines for caring for pets and birds in the home



If you have parrots or love birds at home, you must keep your birdcage towards east, north, or northeast to keep the birds healthy, active, and happy. Give your pet birds plenty of natural light, open room, and fresh air. Keep water in an earthenware dish in your home’s southeast corner so that your flying pets may drink whenever they choose. Maintaining a cheerful environment by keeping love birds at home develops mutual attachment between husband and wife.


Vastu guidelines for caring for pets and birds in the home



Fish, according to Vastu Shastra, bring good fortune, money, and health to their owners. If you have a fish tank at home, keep it to the northeast to ensure that your fish live longer and healthier lives.


Vastu guidelines for caring for pets and birds in the home



In the United States, turtles are one of the most popular pets. Make sure your turtle is kept in a tank or aquarium that faces north. Turtles are associated with riches, good fortune, and success, according to Vastu principles, and are considere auspicious. They are also a sign of prosperity and will definitely bring you good fortune.


Vastu guidelines for caring for pets and birds in the home



Even though many people do not keep frogs as pets, understanding the Vastu linked with them is critical. Frogs are seen to be quite auspicious and are frequently use to represent success and fortune. They can help you bring your family closer together and reduce tension in your household. If they are discovere, they should be permitte to roam freely in the open air, according to Vastu.


Vastu guidelines for caring for pets and birds in the home



In the Hindu Puranas, cows are revere as sacre animals. The cow, known as ‘Maata,’ is revere as a sacre animal. Cows are believe to relieve human melancholy and agony, according to Vastu Shastra principles, and cow’s milk, urine, and dung are also recognise to offer medical benefits. To put it another way, whether you raise cows as a pet or for business, they should always be kept facing east or northwest.


Things to steer clear of

  • While most pets are harmless, some may have a detrimental impact on the house if they are not properly care for. Vastu forbids some animals, as well as certain directions for pets, as detailed below:
  • Place your dog’s kennel away from the southeast and southwest. These instructions are not favourable, and the pets may become unwell and fidgety.
  • Not all birds, particularly pigeons, make good pets. Pigeons are a source of misery for family members, according to the Vastu Shastra. Pigeons, according to Vastu, have the capacity to detract from a home’s ultimate pleasure.
  • Pet parrots, especially those kept in cages, can have a negative impact on their human partners. To dispel any bad energy, always set the birdcage to the northeast.
  • Last but not least, ensure that your dogs receive enough attention. Pets that are not properly care for and manage may have no positive impact on the individual or the household.



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