Vastu Guidelines for Home Purchasers and Owners

Vastu for house is the science of constructing a building that attracts positive energy into your home. It considers our stars while determining what is best for us. Vastu is a Hindu technique that is thought to assist preserves a balance between energies. It is concerned with everything from soil, environment, roadways, plot facing, furniture, and more.

To put it another way, because Lord Brahma created our bodies as a dwelling place for the soul, our home should be constructed in such a manner that our bodies live in harmony and we may have a higher quality of life. When it comes to choosing or developing a home, there are various vastu guidelines to keep in mind. According to vastu, a house is considered calm and healthy if it has all five primary elements: air, water, fire, earth, and space.


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5 Vastu Elements for Your Home

The universe, according to Vastu for house, is made up of five components that are recognized for bringing positive feelings and optimism in the home. Let’s look at each of the five aspects in more detail:

  • Earth, or Prithvi, is famed for its patience and steadiness. It has a strong presence in the home’s core and diagonal directions in every corner.
  • Air, or Vayu, is recognized for bringing pleasure and calm into one’s life, and it rules the East.
  • Space, or Akasha, signifies cognitive energy, mental wellbeing, and all sorts of social energies, and it mostly dominates the West.
  • Fire, or Agni, is the god of confidence, wealth, and prosperity, and he rules the South.
  • Water, or Jal, is a significant element that dominates the northern hemisphere and is linked to immunity and health.

Tips for house buyers and owners on Vastu

Vastu Shastra, often known as Vastu, is a 5000-year-old science. All homeowners should remember these Vastu tips for their homes. It contains directions for your home’s entryway, living room, dining room, bedrooms, and other areas. The type of colour you use is also important according to Vastu Shastra.

Tips for a Vastu-compliant front door

 The main door of a house should face north, east, or north east, according to Vastu principles. This helps to bring ideal energy into your house, and facing this way as you leave is said to be beneficial. The entryway of a house denotes success and advancement in life. The entrance door of your home should always be made of high-quality wood. It also contributes to the beauty of your house; you may make it even more appealing by hanging auspicious torans and utilizing gorgeous name plates. When discussing upgrades to make, it’s also crucial to note the vastu recommendations for a happy house, which include keeping fountains, shoe racks, and animal sculptures away from the front entrance. Don’t paint the front door black, and make sure it’s properly illuminated at all times.

Vastu Guidelines for Home Purchasers and Owners

Direction and Shape in Vastu for the Home

Vastu Shastra dictates that the rooms in your home be square or rectangular. If you’re looking to buy a house, avoid plots with irregular shapes or missing cardinal directions. It is thought that residences should be built on plots facing east or north, and that planning a home facing another way should be done with caution. When it comes to house vastu, the ‘Gaumukhi’ shape, which has a tiny front entry and a broad rear, is the most ideal and preferred.

Vastu color suggestions for your house

Choosing the appropriate colors for your house is more than simply a matter of taste. While certain colors have the power to absorb bad energy or vibrations, others may have a detrimental effect on your mind and body. Positive colors to utilize for your home, according to vastu, include a chrome yellow tint and a brilliant orange. Negative energy is emitted by dark colors, hence they must be avoided. Not just for walls, but also for furniture, floors, and other surfaces, such colors should be avoided. Candles or flowers may also be used to lighten up a congested environment. You should use these colors in your house in a variety of ways, not only on the walls. Pillow coverings, drapes, bed sheets, and more are available in chrome yellow and brilliant orange.

Decorate your home with indoor plants.

Greenery uplifts your attitude and soul, therefore keeping indoor plants at home may be incredibly useful. Indoor plants boost the well-being and health of everyone in the house, according to Vastu guidelines for health. Bamboo, Neem, Money plant, Lavender, Peace Lily, and Tulsi is examples of plants that may be used in the house. These plants are colorful, have therapeutic properties, detoxify the air, and provide a lot of oxygen and vitality.  Always position these plants in the appropriate direction, water them frequently, trim them, and avoid bringing in dry or dying plants into your home.

Vastu Guidelines for Home Purchasers and Owners

According to Vastu, better air circulation is beneficial.

Ensure that your home is airy and properly aired, since this is one of the most significant Vastu guidelines for drawing positive energy. It’s also beneficial to have enough of sunlight; if you can’t get enough, add bright lights, and try to keep all of your windows open for at least 2-3 hours per day. You may ignite a diya near a water supply in your home in the nights. This will both safeguard and improve the atmosphere in your house.

Tips for Vastu in the Kitchen

The south-east direction is recommended for the kitchen, while the north-west direction can also be considered. Items that symbolize fire in your kitchen, such as gas burners, cylinders, and ovens, should be put in the south-east corner, whereas the sink or wash basin, which are water components, should be placed in the north-east corner. For your own and your family’s health and welfare, try to strike a balance in your kitchen between the fire and water components. According to vastu for home, you should paint your kitchen in vivid colors to stimulate the fire elements. Shades of red and black should be avoided, and all spice and grain jars should be stored in a south-west direction to bring good luck and wealth.

Vastu Guidelines for Home Purchasers and Owners

 Bedroom Vastu Recommendations

Your bedroom is your own place, and it is where you unwind and rest at the end of the day. To optimize your mental health and sleep quality, pay special attention to how you arrange your bed; ideally, it should face south or west. You must sleep with your legs pointing in the north or east direction as this will encourage better sleep. When selecting colors for your bedroom, choose tones of red, pink, or orange, which represent warmth and ambition, or white, which represents calm and stability. Keep this room clutter-free and ventilated by not positioning your bed near to a window.

Vastu Guidelines for Home Purchasers and Owners

Vastu Recommendations for a Study Room

Any home’s study area is crucial since it should provide better clarity and attention. Because the youngsters may spend the majority of their time in the study area, good energy is essential. The east or west side of the home should be your first choice for the study room, but if that isn’t possible, you might go for a north facing room. Make sure there isn’t a beam or cupboard over their study table and that the door isn’t directly behind their study chair.

It’s essential to retain an open area in front of the study table, and clear quartz on the desk can help with focus. Rather than piling books on the study table, people should put them in a locked cabinet. Pastel colors are require for the study room; if you have an eastern room, use soft yellow and off white, violet for the north-east room, and green for the north. Colors like off-white, white, and ivory are recommend for painting the study room since they are not too distracting.

Vastu Advantages for the Home

  • The following are some of the advantages of vastu for the home:
  • It assists us in achieving financial success.
  • Encourages long-term job stability.
  • It promotes academic and professional advancement.
  • Strengthens family ties and partnerships.
  • Aids in the maintenance of bodily and mental well-being.

So keep these vastu for home recommendations in mind while you’re buying or upgrading your next property. This will assist you in attracting wonderful energy into your house and life, as well as increasing your happiness and abundance.




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