Vastu Shastra For Plots With Uneven Shapes

Plots should be properly chosen, according to Vastu Shastra, in order to channel harmonious energy in one’s life. The quality of other energies that effect the construction built on the ground is dependent on the quality of the soil. The Vastu of a site is determine by its position, surrounds, wind, water bodies, soil type, and sunshine, as well as the quality of living in a home erected there.


Vastu Shastra for plots with uneven shapes


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Vastu Shastra for plots with uneven shapes

Plots should be properly chosen, according to Vastu Shastra, in order to channel harmonious energy in one’s life. The quality of other energies that effect the construction built on the ground is dependent on the quality of the soil. The Vastu of a site is determine by its position, surrounds, wind, water bodies, soil type, and sunshine, as well as the quality of living in a home erected there.

“The good forms in Vastu Shastra are square and rectangular” (with proper ratio). These plot forms provide the owner fortune, well-being, and pleasure. Other forms, such as circular, U, or L-shaped plots, contain missing corners that, depending on the part that is missing, might pose major complications. Avoid plots that are round, oval, triangular, semi-circle, cart-shaped, or star-shaped. “Avoid plots with substantial expansions, cuttings, or slopes in the corners.” 


Aside from this, plots come in a variety of forms.

The plot’s irregular form and its effect according to Vastu Gamukhi: The form of the cow, which embodies the finest of everything, makes it suitable for household usage.


  • Plot with lion face (shermukhi): suitable for commercial construction.
  • The site is triangular in design, which causes issues, particularly with the government.
  • Inauspicious, causes different health issues, losses, and a lack of happiness in the home. Oval or semi-circular: Inauspicious, causes various health problems, losses, and a lack of happiness in the home.
  • Circular-shaped: Only suitable for the construction of circular-shaped structures.
  • Litigation is a foregone conclusion with a polygonal plot.
  • Octagonal: Brings wealth all around.
  • The narrative is forme like a bucket, and it leads to debt.
  • The narrative is design like a wheel, and it results in financial loss.
  • Fear and dread are attract by the bow-shape plan.
  • Loss of family members and a rise in enmity in a drum-shaped plot.
  • Plot in the shape of a pitcher: Causes significant disease.
  • Varahan Mukhi Akaar (pig-faced shaped): Causes family members to die.
  • The owner and his family are imprisone in a turtle-shape plot.
  • The narrative is fashion like a hand fan, and it leads to a loss of money.
  • Feather-shape plot: Unlucky and brings ill luck.
  • The narrative is fashion like a star, and it leads to legal action.
  • Occupants of a bucket-shape land will perpetually be in debt.


An irregularly shaped plot with projections and missing corners

It’s understandable that not all plots would be square or rectangular. Projections, extensions, and missing corners are all possible in plots. Projections denote that the plot contains extra space that may be subtracte to make it a normal square or rectangle. Retraction, on the other hand, is an extra space that, when added to the plot, transforms it into a conventional square or rectangle.

Only extensions in the north, north-east, east, and east-northeast directions are helpful. Other extensions are unfavourable. Extensions in the south-east, north-west, or south-west are not recommended since they bring ill luck.

Avoid plots that have a lot of extensions or corners that need to be trimmed. If you must, get the advice of a Vastu specialist first.

A land purchase choice should not be made just on the basis of one criteria. The consequences of these aspects should be considered before purchasing a plot.


Vastu Shastra for plots with uneven shapes


Vastu For Plots: An uneven plot’s levels and slopes

It is suggested that plots with flat surfaces be purchase. According to Vastu, the ground level in the south and west should be higher than in the north and east. In the north-east corner, it should be the lowest. This is beneficial to all aspects of happiness and success. Health, riches, peace, and prosperity are all ensured by a low northeast.

It will lead to success if the land has a slope to the east or north side. “A place with a slope to the south or south-west should not be purchase.” Slopes to the west and south are not always beneficial and might result in loss. Slopes to the south, south-west, south-east, and north-west result in a drop in business, according to Parmar.

Because of its extended orientation, plots with extended corners other than the north-east side produce Vastu defects. Land with a little elevation in the south, south-west, west, or north-west is fortunate because it resembles the back of an elephant and is linked to Laxmi, the goddess of riches.

The land, which is high in the centre and low on the sides, is believed to resemble the back of a turtle and is excellent and will enhance prosperity. The height of the plot on the north-east, east, and south-west sides is like a demon’s back, and it can cause money and children to be lost. Land that extends east-west and is high in the north and south directions is believed to be like a serpent’s back and will have negative consequences, including early death.


Vastu For Plots: Types of water and soil

A pond, tank, or well in the plot’s south-west corner may bring trouble. The same is true whether the site has a north-east-facing well, pool, lake, river, or stream. Red, brown, or yellow soil is suitable for farming as well as constructing foundations. The foundation is dampene by black and clay soil, which holds water. As a result, stay away from such a scheme. Also, plots of land with the potential to cultivate fruits and medicinal herbs are regarded desirable, but plots with prickly bushes are deemed bad. The plan, according to Vastu, Purchasing a plot with sandy soil is consider unlucky since it cannot support the weight of a house’s foundation. A plot with a lot of worms should not be purchase since the soil is loose and will not sustain the structure well.


Vastu Shastra for plots with uneven shapes


In connection to roads, Vastu for plots

  • Plots that are bordere on all four or even three sides by highways are consider lucky.
  • A property with access to highways to the north and west is also desirable.
  • Plots that are bordere on the south and west by roadways contribute to wealth generation.
  • A plot of land with plots on three sides and a road running across it on the south and south-west is unlucky.


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                      Essential Vastu Recommendations for First-Time Home Buyers


Buying a plot of land or a plot of land with Vastu advice

  • Do not purchase a tiny amount of land that is sandwich between two larger plots.
  • A plot facing a ‘T’ or ‘Y’ junction is unlucky.
  • Plots near electrical power plants are hazardous to the family’s health.
  • A plot near a cemetery or graveyard should be avoid.
  • Avoid purchasing a site with a hill or mountain to the north or east. Mountains on the plot’s west and south sides are good for money and health.
  • It is best to avoid plots that share a south or west boundary with a water canal or pond.
  • A plot with water bodies to the north, northeast, or east is conducive to company success. Water should not flow in a southerly direction.
  • Avoid plots with large trees such as mango, banyan, peepal, white fig, and so on. If the site is large, the dwelling area (to be built) should be locate away from the trees.


Vastu treatments for plots with uneven shapes

  • To fix difficulties, it’s a good idea to level the plot. If the north-east corner is higher than the other sides, earth from there can be utilise to fill in the gaps in the south and west.
  • A plot that is elevate in the middle can be levelled by excavating and dumping the earth to the south-west.
  • By dividing a plot into two, the negative impact of a plot shape like a ‘T’ or ‘L’ or with crossing points of a triangle can be mitigated. Divide an irregularly shaped plot into two regular plots, each with its own compound walls.
  • Construct an extra compound wall to defend against negativity cause by a road that runs in the plot’s specific direction.
  • To mitigate the negative impacts of the road confronting the plot, plants and trees might be plant at the house’s entrance.
  • According to Vastu experts, metals, rocks, or plants can be utilise to rectify the space based on flaws in the orientation.
  • On the basis of expert advise, remedies such as erecting Vastu pyramids on large plots can be use to remedy Vastu doshas. While a lead pyramid can aid with the south-west extension, copper strips are better for the south-east.




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