What exactly is an Apartment Owners Association?

The Apartment Owners Association (AOA) was established to represent the interests of tenants and owners of apartment buildings. The association is in charge of the society’s maintenance and regulatory. It also has various legal advantages if it is established under the State’s Societies Registration Act.

The owners of units in a society or residential neighborhood create an Apartment Owners Association (AOA). Established to handle the resident’s fundamental services, such as facilities, management, and rules. The organization ensures the well-being of the residents by creating a pleasant environment.


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What is the minimum number of members necessary to create AOA?

An Apartment Owners Association must have a minimum of seven members who live in the same community. The city’s “government association statute” governs the organization’s formation. The unit owners should be present when the company is created and registered. Registration must be completed within three months. Circumstances exempt an AOA from registration.

What is the Apartment Owners Association’s mission?

The primary goal of founding an Apartment Owners Association is to work for the members’ benefit. This involves organizing a variety of events, such as social and cultural programmed, as well as providing legal assistance to the society’s inhabitants and apartment owners. 

What are AOA’s responsibilities?

An AOA is essential for societies to look after:


An Apartment Owners Association’s job is to collect and deposit money for maintenance and to keep the society in good repair, including but not limited to the facilities on the grounds.

Manage the society

The Unit Owners Association is in charge of creating and implementing bylaws that protect society members and apartment owners. For example, maintaining the main gate’s opening hours, parking regulations, and the use of facilities, among other things. The association is responsible for ensuring that all residents and apartment owners follow the bylaws. AOA has the authority to levy a fine for infractions of the rules.

Redress of grievances

AOA handles a variety of complaints about maintenance, repairs, security, and new needs. The association takes any grievances seriously and works to resolve them as quick as possible.


An Apartment Owners Association is in charge of various taxes and fees. Property taxes, the Goods and Services Tax (GST), and other taxes and levies imposed on the residency by various agencies are among them.

Statutory obligations

A registered Apartment Owner Association can also manage a variety of legal responsibilities. Legal measures against the builder for structural faults, code breaches, and other issues are among these responsibilities.


An Apartment Owners Association is an ideal mediator to help two or more property owners address society-related concerns. The AOA becomes an objective party who de-escalates the situation and provides a solution.

How  AOA members get chosen?

The Apartment Owner Association’s election procedure necessitates the selection of candidates for all seven posts. The candidates are picked among their housemates, and the voting took place in front of the proprietors.

What are the responsibilities and abilities of AOA members?

Every legally formed Apartment Owners Association allocates the authorities and responsibilities among the members according to their positions. There are seven members in the Apartment Owners Association, separated into two groups. The bifurcation and duties of the various members are as follows:

 Committee of Management


The president is responsible for ensuring the money collected in the society’s maintenance fund to utilized benefit the society and its members.The president has the ability to defend the organization and its members in court.

Vice President:

In the absence of the president, the vice president serves as president of the committee. His job is to help the president with the responsibilities listed above.


The secretary is in charge of conducting the society’s general body meeting. The secretary in charge of the society’s executive administration, which is under the committee’s jurisdiction.


The treasurer is the association’s financial specialist. Looking after all of the association’s assets, including the finances. The treasurer is also in charge of all financial matters, including joint bank account maintenance, petty cash account administration, and petty spending management.


Members are given roles and authority. They must attend all general body meetings, adhere to the society’s regulations, and participate in all general body acts at all times. They also have the ability to vote on committee members  yearly general meeting or elections. It also have the ability to vote on new or amended byelaws as well as management committee decisions. The following people are members of the organization:

  • Apartment Owner
  • Associate Member
  • General Body Member

What are the AOA laws and regulations?

Rules are considered the local constitution of the group or community. Every Apartment Owner Association draughts rules specific to their community. The type of the society, its members, its size, its location, and its goal are all important variables.

The society’s aim and vision:

  • The collection of rules and regulations that all society members should obey.
  • Details of the society’s income and cost management
  • Maintenance costs, transfer fees, penalties, and fines information
  • Elections and monthly meetings for the Apartment Owners Association
  • The officers of the association, together with their duties and responsibilities

AOA Drawbacks

There are few downsides to forming an Apartment Owners Association is formed, the benefit of the members relevant community. Small problems have identified in a few cases.

The concentration of power

One of the most major drawbacks of the Apartment Owners Association is the concentration of power among the management committee members. The society’s president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer are influence society’s general members and inhabitants. The management committee may abuse this concentration of authority.

Fines and penalties

The founding of the Apartment Owners Association may introduce a fines and penalties culture into society for violations of bylaws and other misconducts. Having rules and enforcing them is beneficial to society and its people, it may be inconvenient for residents at times.

The legality of the AOA

A licensed Apartment Owners Organization is not essential, the group gains additional benefits to protect society and the welfare of renters. The Society Registration Act is to register the Apartment Owners Association. The laws are location-specific and may differ based on the city and state in which the particular society or residence is locate.


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