What is BHK? – A Complete Guide to the Full Form and Meaning of BHK

What is the full form of BHK? These are two frequent questions that arise in the minds of buyers when looking to purchase a new home. While appealing, marketing on social media, newspapers, and billboards such as “Spacious 1/2/3 BHK Residences…” and “1 & 2 BHK Homes available…” might be perplexing. However, to assist you in decoding the BHK meaning, we have developed a complete essay that will explain the various configuration units such as 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and so on.


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So, once you’ve decided on your budget and location, you’ll need to learn about the BHK complete form and a few other home-configuration terms:

The Meaning of BHK Full Form

What exactly is BHK?

The abbreviation BHK stands for ‘Bedroom, Hall, and Kitchen.’

This is a typical residential unit in a multi-story building. The most popular BHK configurations of the residence are 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 4 BHK. A one-bedroom apartment usually has one bedroom, one living room, and one kitchen.

Let’s use an example to make the procedure easier. If you’re looking for a two-bedroom home in Noida, a two-bedroom house will include two bedrooms, one hall/living room, and one kitchen.

A 3BHK layout apartment, on the other hand, has three bedrooms, a hall, and a kitchen. The entire amount of bedrooms, halls, and kitchen spaces is referred to as a BHK.

A 1 BHK is ideal for a couple or a small family, whilst a 2 BHK or 3 BHK is ideal for a larger family. Larger flats, such as 4BHK and 5BHK, are also better suited for larger and combined families.

In addition, each arrangement has a bathroom and toilet. Also, home sellers/builders frequently state “2 BHK + 2T,” so don’t be confused. It’s merely a clever approach to draw attention to and accentuate the space.

Let us describe the various BHK apartment or tenement arrangements in detail.




BHK Configuration Explanation



1 bedroom + 1 living room/hall

+ 1 kitchen



There are 2 bedrooms, 1 hall/living room, and 1 kitchen. The master bedroom has an attached bathroom, and the other bedroom is smaller than the typical bedroom size.



There are 3 bedrooms, 1 hall/living room, and 1 kitchen space. There are2 principal bedrooms with adjoining bathrooms and 1 bedroom that is significantly smaller than the normal bedroom size in a

3 bedroom house.



There are 4 bedrooms, 1 living room, and 1 kitchen. There are 3 bedrooms in this property, each with its own bathroom, and one regular-sized bedroom.



1 kitchen + 1.5 bedrooms + 1 living room The 0.5 in 1.5 BHK denote that one of the bedrooms is smaller than the other.



1 kitchen + 2.5 bedrooms + 1 hall/living room



2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room, and 1 kitchen There is one master bedroom and one standard bedroom in this arrangement.


What is the configuration of a 0.5 BHK unit?

A 0.5 BHK flat/apartment is a configuration unit that includes a kitchen and a washroom/bathroom but is smaller than a standard bedroom. This apartment is suitable for a small family or a single person. Due to the increased demand for homes, the 0.5BHK unit arrangement is becoming more popular.

What exactly is a 1 BHK unit?

One bedroom, hall, and kitchen make up a one-bedroom apartment. The common size for this design is 400 – 500 square feet. Given the escalating cost of real estate, a 1 BHK is an excellent alternative for a small family or a lower-middle-class family, since they may turn the hall into a little bedroom for their children.

What is BHK? - A Complete Guide to the Full Form and Meaning of BHK

What does it mean to have a 1.5 BHK Unit Arrangement?

A 1.5 BHK house has two rooms, one of which is a benchmark master bedroom and the other of which is smaller and can be used as a bedroom, guest room, or study. It might also be utilized as a shop or a pooja room.

What is the definition of a 2.5 BHK Housing Unit?

A 2.5 BHK comprises of two principal bedrooms, one little room, one living area, and one kitchen, as the name says. The 0.5 represents the bedroom size that is smaller than the conventional bedroom size in a 2.5 BHK. In major areas like Mumbai and Delhi NCR, this layout design is fairly prevalent. It allows users to change the 0.5 space into a library, study room, or children’s room, according on their needs, and enjoy their 2.5 BHK as a 3 BHK property.

What is the distinction between a 1BHK apartment and a Studio apartment?

When browsing for homes online, a house buyer frequently comes across a studio apartment and typically confuses the two terms. If you’ve run into the similar problem, let us explain the difference between a 1BHK and a Studio flat. A studio apartment is a unit with a single spacious room where you must designate space for your bed, kitchen, and other items. A 1 BHK residential property, on the other hand, contains a designated room, kitchen, living space, and bathroom/toilet. A one-bedroom apartment could be excellent for a small family because the hall can be transformed into a bedroom or used for other purposes. A bachelor or a working professional may prefer a studio apartment. While a studio apartment has limited room, a BHK provides additional space.

What is BHK? - A Complete Guide to the Full Form and Meaning of BHK

Which is better: A one-bedroom apartment or a two-bedroom apartment?

Investing in real estate is a fantastic opportunity for everyone, especially if it’s your first time. Aside from the location, price, and size of your family, one important consideration is whether to acquire a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. Home buyers on a limited budget are frequently torn between buying a 1 BHK or a 2 BHK, especially when realtors offer a variety of configuration units and home loan alternatives from NBFCs and banks.

Selecting the correct configuration unit for yourself, consider the following factors:

For a long-term investment, a 1BHK would be an excellent choice for a family of two. When you consider growing your family, though, it may feel cramped. As a result, a two-bedroom apartment is an excellent investment for a nuclear family.

A 2 BHK apartment unit is in great demand due to its superior facilities and several size possibilities. Most of us believe that a one-bedroom home is usually cheaper, and in most circumstances, it is; however, when it comes to square footage, it may be significantly more expensive than a two-bedroom one. So, rather than paying a high square foot price for a 1 BHK, a compact 2 BHK is a wise decision.

Better Returns-

Real estate investing is a long-term commitment. So think twice before investing. People in India normally purchase a property when they are ready to start a family, thus there aren’t many purchasers looking for a 1 BHK. However, 2 BHK units are constantly in high demand, especially among small families. As a result, 2 BHK is the better option.

Favorable Size-

A 2 BHK is an ideal size for a nuclear family or an individual. When you live alone, you may first utilize the additional space as a guest room, study room, or storage room because having some more space isn’t going to damage anyone. You also have the option of expanding your family later on if you so want.

Considering all of the factors mentioned, purchasing or dealing in a 2 BHK flat is a better option than purchasing or investing in a 1 BHK flat.

Consider These Factors before Selecting the Right BHK Floor Area

When choosing a BHK residential apartment for yourself, consider the following factors:

 Apartment Size-

The size of housing units varies; in certain situations, a 2BHK flat may be as room as a 3BHK apartment. For example, one broker may offer a 2 BHK residential apartment in the 1200 sq. ft. space, while another realtor may offer a 3 BHK residential unit in the same complex. In such scenario, you must consider your family’s size as well as your needs, such as whether you want more rooms in a smaller space or fewer rooms in a bigger one.

Make a budget decision-

The price of a flat layout varies, with the location and facilities provided by the builder being the most important factors. It is preferable to set a budget and adhere to it.

Access to Basic Amenities-

Before deciding on a good residential unit; make sure that basic amenities such as retail locations, medical stores, and groceries are nearby.

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