Will The Budget For 2023–24 Give A Boost To Affordable Housing?

Budget For 2023–24: The Union Budget will be presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on February 1, 2023. The main expectation of real estate players is relaxations to encourage affordable housing, among other things. Will there be enough tax breaks for affordable housing declared to boost its financing structure, and will its definition be changed to increase capacity in urban areas? navimumbaihouses.com researches.

Real estate developers and homeowners have begun to place expectations in different measures as the Union Budget 2023 draws near. There is some overlap with expectations for incentives for affordable housing that were not fully addressed in the budget from the previous year. It’s interesting to note that India is at a pivotal point in the creation and purchase of cheap homes. Young people are searching for cheap houses for their increasing families as the middle class grows. Therefore, there is an urgent need for this sector to provide a boost that encourages both developers and homebuyers.

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Key anticipations from the forthcoming Budget 2023–24 for affordable housing


A change to the phrase “affordable housing”

The concept of affordable housing has to be updated, according to industry experts, so that more homes may come under its scope and more individuals can benefit from it. Currently, a home or apartment that is inexpensive is one that has a carpet size of up to 90 square metres in non-metropolitan areas and 60 square metres in metro or Tier-1 cities, and is priced at up to Rs 45 lakh.

However, metropolises like Mumbai and Delhi, where tiny flats are typically priced between Rs 50 and 60 lakh. Are discouraged by the Rs 45 lakh cap. Currently, it is anticipated that the price range of affordable homes would be raised to accommodate urban areas. This would enable homebuyers to benefit from the Goods and Services Tax (GST) reduction of 1% without the need for Input Tax Credit (ITC) or other government aid. Additionally, it will open up the market to additional developers, which will increase demand for houses.



Budget For 2023–24- Tax breaks and concessions are announced.

The tax break for affordable housing developments will be extended by another year. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman declared in her Budget statement on February 1, 2021, to encourage the development of such projects. The deadline for applying for tax vacations in the case of affordable housing was extended by the government in 2020 until March 31. This deadline was again extended in the Budget that followed, but it was not extended last year. There is, nevertheless, a slim chance that this year’s Budget would include tax breaks.

The tax exemption for such developments will provide rental housing the boost it needs and build the groundwork for creating the rent asset class. Additionally, this may affect the rental return and raise investor and developer involvement.

As the experts anxiously anticipate major support for the affordable housing industry, particularly in metro centres, this is a long-overdue anticipation.

“There is an urgent need for tax sops. Especially for house purchasers in cheap and mid-segment homes, to overcome the financial difficulty given rising inflation and the rise in borrowing prices in recent months.”


Relief from increasing interest rates on house loans

Home purchasers have experienced a consistent rise in mortgage interest rates throughout 2022. Many purchasers’ capacity to afford has been influenced by this increase. Borrowers may still receive some relief from the Budget in the form of tax exemptions. To entice purchasers, it is anticipated that the Section 24 of the Income Tax Act’s Rs 2 lakh tax rebate on home loan interest rates will be increased to Rs 5 lakh.

Currently, Section 80 C of the Income Tax Act does not offer a targeted benefit on housing. Which is the largest and most significant spending item for the majority of taxpayers over their lifetimes. Even investors have a wide range of investment options. And the lack of special tax benefits on the main amount of mortgages makes them uninterested in buying a property.

“More tax breaks for investors and homebuyers are urgently needed.” As the industry is still recuperating from the effects of the pandemic. The tax credit of Rs. 2 lakh on interest on home loans has to be increased to at least Rs. Additionally, this action will accelerate the need for cheap homes.



Budget For 2023–24- Taking action to stop rising rental rates

Since the lifting of lockdowns connected to COVID, rental patterns have been revised higher. The floating population and migrants have returned to major cities, and offices have reopened. They are, however, experiencing a rental rise shock since prices have increased by more than 10% in practically all large cities.

If the cost of ownership decreases, affordable housing could be able to absorb this increase. Industry groups have requested the government to exclude all rental income up to a maximum of Rs 20 lakh per year. This would motivate investors to make real estate purchases for rental revenue.

Additionally, the Model Tenancy Act has yet to be put into effect in accordance with “Housing for All.” Finalizing the state’s rental housing policy will fundamentally alter the rental market and contribute to meeting the demands of the general population in terms of housing. Additionally, the Government must reassess the Rs. 2 lakh loss set-off cap under the Income Tax Head for House Property. In order to encourage investors to return and sustain the rental market, this limit should either be increased or abolished.


What other housing-related expectations do you have for the Union Budget 2023–24?

Other projections for the ecosystem’s growth and the availability of cheap houses in India include:

  • Sector status for the housing industry
  • single-window approval processes for all projects involving affordable housing
  • Plans for low-cost rental housing along the lines of PMAY
  • To facilitate funding of more focused projects. Raise the Special Window for Completion of Construction of Affordable and Mid-Income Housing Projects (SWAMIH) Fund’s capital base to at least Rs 50,000 crore.
  • Additional actions that make conducting business easier

According to last year’s patterns, more people will be interested in purchasing inexpensive homes this year. The next Budget is expected to put a strong emphasis on raising capital expenditures since the government anticipates record tax revenue receipts. If capital spending is given a strong push. Affordable housing may also receive a better proportion similar to the last Budget.





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