Vastu for the main door: Tips on where to put the front door.

Apart from being visually pleasing, a house’s main door/entrance must face the proper direction, according to  Vastu Shastra, in order to bring beneficial energy into the house.


Vastu for the main door: Tips on where to put the front door


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Vastu The main door of a house, according to Vastu Shastra, is not only the entry point for the family, but also for energy. According to Vastu, the north, north, east, or we orientations are the finest for putting the main door home entry since they are considered auspicious and allow good energies to flow freely throughout the house.

“From the outside world to the inside of the house, the front entrance functions as a transition zone. According to Nitin Parmar, a Mumbai-based Vastu expert, “it is a spot from which happiness and good luck enter the home.” “As a result, the primary entry has been given high priority since it allows or prevents the cosmic energy flow that promotes health, wealth, and peace. He also points out that the main door “creates the initial impression of a property.”


Vastu for the front door of a house: Direction of Vastu

“The main door should always face north, north-east, east, or west, as these are considered auspicious orientations.” The main entrance should not be located towards the south, south-west, or north-west directions (north-west). Or south-east (east side). A lead metal pyramid and a lead helix can be used to adjust a door towards the south or southwest. A brass pyramid and a brass helix may be used to correct a door in the north-west, while a copper helix can be used to repair a door in the southeast,” Parmar recommends.


Here’s why certain routes are preferable to others: 

1. North-east: As seen in the diagram, the northeast is the most fortunate direction for your main door. Because of its exposure to the light, this direction also receives a lot of energy in the morning. It invigorates and energizes the home and its people.

2. North: It is said that placing your main door or entry in this direction will bring prosperity and fortune to your family, hence it is the second-best option.

3. South-east: Do not accept a southwest entry. If there is no other choice, you should use the southeast entrance, as Vastu suggests.

4. North-west: If you have no other choice and must have a north-west entry, make sure it is in the north-west entrance direction. The advantages of the evening sun and wealth might be welcomed in this manner, according to Vastu.


Is it better to live in a house that faces east or west?

A south-east facing main door should be avoided, according to Vastu recommendations for home entrances. A lead metal pyramid and a lead helix can be used to remedy a flaw in a door in the south or southwest.


What should go in front of the main entrance?

Positive energy is attracted to a tidy house, particularly the main door entry. Keep dustbins, broken chairs, and stools away from the main door. A threshold (marble or wood) should always be present at the main door of the house since it is thought that it absorbs bad energy and enables only good energy to flow through. To keep bad things away and reject negative energy from entering the house, a black horseshoe can be hung at the entrance door, according to Vastu Shastra. Decorate the main entryway with heavenly symbols such as Om, swastika, crucifix, and rangolis, which are regarded auspicious and bring good prosperity.


Vastu for the front door: What is the ideal material for the main door, according to Vastu?

A wooden door, in any direction, maybe the most fortunate for the main door. However, if your main entrance faces south, it should be a blend of wood and metal. Similarly, if the door is facing west, it should be adorned with metalwork. If your main door entrance is in the north, it should be more silver in color, while if it is in the east, it should be built of wood and embellished with a few metal accessories. The main entrance Dos and don’ts of Vastu for the Main Door At the main entrance, there is lighting. Always have a strong light at the entrance, although red-colored lighting should be avoided. The entryway should be well-lit in the evening, according to Vastu standards for apartments and contemporary residences.


Vastu For the sake of money and success

Vastu suggests placing a glass pot filled with water and flower petals at the main door or house entry. Water will assist you in keeping your house and family members healthy since it is a poor conductor of negative energy. You can also put Lakshmi’s feet stickers on your front door. Furthermore, these pieces can be used as entryway décor.

Vastu Decoration of the main entry door

If there is enough room, decorate the entryway with green plants. Torans work well as main entrance decorations as well.  Animal statues, trees devoid of flowers and other figures, as well as fountains and water features, should be avoided near the main entrance. Decorative hanging bells as part of the main entryway wall decor may help bring positive energy into your home. Rangoli decorations on the entry floor not only welcome Goddess Lakshmi and visitors to the house, but they also spread positive energy, exude happiness, and fend against evil. Colored powder, turmeric powder, limestone powder, Geru (brown earth powder), flower petals, or rice flour can all be used to make the rangoli.


Vastu for the main door: Tips on where to put the front door

The main entrance’s location

According to Vastu principles, the main door or home entry gate should always be on the same side. There should be no obstructions in the way of the main door opening at a 90-degree angle. Make sure it’s set to open clockwise. Make sure the hinges and door hardware are oiled and polished on a regular basis. At the entryway, there should be no cracked or chipped wood, as well as no missing screws. It’s time to get rid of any extra nails.

Vastu and Nameplate

One of the greatest main entrance wall design and decoration ideas is to use elegant nameplates.  Place a nameplate on the wall at all times.  If the door is facing north or west, a metal nameplate is preferable. If the door is facing south or east, use a wooden nameplate. It is thought to be more fortunate to place it on the left side of the main entryway than the other sides.

The main door’s doorbell

Install the doorbell at a height of at least five feet. Avoid doorbells that have startling, brassy, or high tones. To boost the positive vibe of your house, choose a doorbell with a  calming and quiet tone.

The type of wood that will be utilized in the main door will be of high quality.

It is vital to pick the correct material for constructing dwellings such as flats according to Main door Vastu principles. Only choose high-quality wood for this door, and keep in mind that it should be taller than the other doors in your house.

The color of the main entrance should be chosen according to Vastu.

Based on its Vastu orientation, the most auspicious colors for the main door to offer pleasure and good luck are as follows:

1. Blue and white are the colors of the west.

2. Silver, orange, and pink in the south and south-east.

3. Yellow in the southwest.

4. Green in the north.

5. Cream and yellow toward the northeast.

6. White and cream in the northwest.

7. East: Light blue, white, or wooden colors.

The main entrance should not be painted black.

Placing the idols in front of the main entrance

Placing statues and images of Gods and Goddesses at your entryway is considered fortunate. You can keep Ganesha and Lakshmi statues and images at the door of your home, according to Vastu, to welcome good luck, money, and success. The main door should be adorned with auspicious symbols such as a Kalash with a coconut on it and a Swastika, which represents Lord Ganesha.


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