China Travel Destinations

China Travel Destinations: Here is a list of locations you must see when in China.

China’s tourism locations have cultural and historical importance dating back to the start of humanity, providing for a unique travel experience. Enigmatic settings have the ability to transport travellers back in time and provide them with access to some of the world’s oldest and most treasured antiquities and artefacts. We’ve compiled a list of the top 14 China renowned locations to visit to help you plan your next trip.


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14 stunning spots in China for a memorable trip


China Travel Destinations: Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie is widely regarded as one of China’s most beautiful destinations. Since it served as the principal source of inspiration for the Hollywood blockbuster Avatar, the western world has taken a growing interest in Zhangjiajie in recent years. The towering, pillar-like mountains shown in James Cameron’s epic film were inspired by the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China.

The Grand Canyon Glass Bridge, with its transparent base, has substantially increased the area’s fame and visibility. There’s also a cliff-hanging stairway and a 7-kilometer-long cable car ride to the mountain’s summit.


China Travel Destinations



China Travel Destinations: Jiuzhaigou

This breathtaking nature reserve, with its rocky peaks, dazzling lakes, woodlands, and waterfalls, provides alpine panoramas more akin to Canada than China. The precise name in Chinese is the Nine Villages Valley, although its Chinese version is more familiar. There is no more gorgeous Chinese location to visit.

The gorgeous Five-Coloured Lake is located in the Jiuzhaigou Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sichuan’s northernmost area, and its crystal-clear waters allow tourists to see the bottom. Long Lake, the region’s largest, deepest, and broadest lake, is also nearby, as is the beautiful Nuorilang Waterfall, Jiuzhaigou’s biggest water feature.


China Travel Destinations


China Travel Destinations: The Great Wall

Because the Great Wall attracts over 10 million people each year, there is a significant chance that you may face large crowds along the Great Wall’s most well-known sections. Nonetheless, what sort of vacation to China would you take if you didn’t see this magnificent structure?

If you want to avoid the busiest times, go outside of Badaling and see the less popular sections of the wall, such as Mutianyu. The popular summer months of June through August are the most congested, so try to avoid them.


China Travel Destinations


The Yangtze River

The Yangtze River flows 6,300 kilometres from Tibet’s Qinghai Plateau to Shanghai’s East China Sea, making it China’s longest and third-largest river. There are various cities and scenic areas to explore, including the Three Gorges and Chongqing, China’s largest inland port.

The Three Gorges Dam, which also contains the world’s largest hydroelectric power plant, is located in the Chinese province of Hubei. You might also marvel at the a thousand-year-old stone carvings at Beishan Frescoes.


China Travel Destinations



The Dujiangyan Panda Base in Chengdu is an excellent location for getting up close and personal with gigantic pandas. Volunteers are asked to join the Panda Keeper Initiative so that they may help care for these magnificent creatures while also learning about the curriculum.

Chengdu is home to not just a broad range of adorable animals, but also a lot of significant historical landmarks, such as the Leshan Giant Buddha. Tea houses, restaurants, galleries, and alleyways are just a few of the attractions in this town.

China Travel Destinations


County of Yangshuo

Yangshuo is a great resort for tourists looking to escape the hustle and bustle of larger cities. Walking, bicycling, and kayaking are common modes of transportation in Yangshuo County, which is located along the banks of the Li River. This is the most picturesque section of river from Guilin to Yangshuo.

Visit Yangshuo County if you wish to experience pure natural beauty, tranquil rural landscape, and a huge area of lush foliage, all of which may be found in plenty.

China Travel Destinations


Yunnan Province’s nearly German-sized region is brimming with ancient towns, historical sites, magnificent mountain and river sceneries, and cultural experiences. Explore the surrounding splendour of the Yuanyang Rice Terraces, which stretch back a thousand years, or take a stroll through Kunming’s Stone Forest, which is a World Heritage Site. If you want a more serene experience, take a stroll around the historic town of Lijiang, which is set in the Himalayan foothills.


China Travel Destinations


Beijing’s Forbidden City

Although it is a cliche and a popular tourist destination, you should not allow this deter you from seeing the world’s largest royal building. Furthermore, if you’re in Beijing, you won’t have to go far to see it because it’s located right in the heart of the city. With only three remaining ancient palaces in China, this is one of the best-preserved structures. It also houses one of the world’s largest cultural institutions. If possible, attempt to plan your vacation such that it does not coincide with a weekend or a holiday.


China Travel Destinations

Xi’an Terracotta Warriors

For obvious reasons, China’s Terracotta Army is one of the country’s most famous tourist attractions. It was one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of the twentieth century. An exhibition including life-size clay figures of troops, horses, and carriages is housed in an area far larger than an industrial structure. Each statue has a unique outfit, hairstyle, facial traits, emotions, gestures, and stance, making it impossible for two sculptures to really be similar. Again, try to avoid doing this on the weekend or on a holiday.

China Travel Destinations


China Travel Destinations: Shanghai’s Yu Garden

Yu Garden in Shanghai’s Huangpu District is a 400-year-old example of traditional Chinese architecture and gardening. As well as beautiful artworks and engravings. It is not only for people who are interested in flora and constructions; there are also many restaurants and boutiques to visit, in addition to the world-famous Yuyuan Bazaar. Which is located right next door. The best time to visit is in the spring, when the trees are budding and the flowers are in full bloom.

China Travel Destinations

China Travel Destinations: Shanghai’s Bund

To discover how much Shanghai has progressed in the previous two decades. Simply compare a snapshot of the city from that time period to how it appears now. The Bund, a riverfront walkway that spans along the Huangpu River, is one of the most noticeable contrasts. Historical structures with a range of aesthetic elements may be viewe side by side here.

To get a closer look at these structures, go down the Bund or take a ferry over the Huangpu River. The viewing decks of China’s Oriental Pearl TV Tower provide an outstanding 360-degree view of the Bund and surrounding surroundings.


China Travel Destinations


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China Travel Destinations: Lijiang

Lijiang is a Chinese city famed for its stunning natural scenery, which includes snow-capped cliffs and beautiful lakes. Travelers and others who enjoy active outdoor pursuits appreciate this location. Since it provides a diverse range of hiking routes and other activities. UNESCO has designated Lijiang as a World Heritage Site. This region is well-known for its historic structures and canals, some of which are over 800 years old. Furthermore, the Naxi people live primarily in the vicinity of Lijiang. The Naxi are suppose to have originated in Tibet, yet they have lived in Lijiang for over a thousand years. When tourists come, they will most likely see natives dressed in traditional attire.

China Travel Destinations

China Travel Destinations: Luoyang

Throughout its history as the heart of Chinese culture. Luoyang served as the capital of China for a total of 13 distinct dynasties. Unfortunately, not much of this city’s amazing history can be seen today. But it does boast one major feature that draws tourists from all over the world.

Luoyang is near to the world-renowned Longmen Grottoes. Which house some of the most comprehensive and beautiful masterpieces of Chinese art. More than 2300 tunnels and nooks built into the riverside cliffs make up the grottoes. 110,000 Buddhist stone carvings are housed within these caves and niches.

The Old Town is the best place inside the municipal limits to witness the historic structures that have been maintaine. You may enter the city through the Lijing Gate and then wander through the meandering alleyways to get a sense of the local way of life.

China Travel Destinations

China Travel Destinations: Hangzhou

Hangzhou, one of China’s most popular tourist sites, is only an hour away by train from Shanghai. The most notable feature is the magnificent West Lake, which has grown into a depiction of the city itself.

Since the 9th century, painters and authors have drawn inspiration from the lake’s beautiful panoramas of the surrounding lush hills. Pagodas, and temples. During the summer, the lake is covere with lotus petals, creating an appealing view for both residents and tourists.


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China Travel Destinations



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