Top Tourist Activities & Locations in West Bengal

Tourist Locations in West Bengal: East Indian state of West Bengal shares a border with Bangladesh. There are numerous sites to explore throughout the state. With so many options available, navigating the margins could become challenging. The best of West Bengal is summarize in the list below.

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West Bengal’s Prime Travel Season

The summers are extremely hot in West Bengal. Additionally, the area is experiencing extremely severe monsoons, which could make it challenging to travel throughout the state. It is therefore often advised to travel to West Bengal during the winter, specifically between October and March.

Top 13 Tourist Destinations in West Bengal


Top Tourist Activities & Locations in West Bengal

In terms of tourism and travel, Kolkata, the nation’s largest metropolis, has a lot to offer. The city has a rich past. You can travel to well-known locations including Howrah Bridge and the Victoria Memorial. These factors all work together to make Kolkata one of West Bengal’s top tourism destinations.


Top Tourist Activities & Locations in West Bengal

Siliguri, a hilly city in West Bengal, is well known as the “Gateway to the North-East” and is a popular travel destination. You can spend your time in Siliguri touring The Science City and Mahananda Weir Wildlife Sanctuary. Additionally, you can go sightseeing in Salugara Monastery or Dudhia.


Top Tourist Activities & Locations in West Bengal

When India was ruled and managed by the British, Darjeeling served as its summer capital. The tea plantations that encircle Darjeeling provide beautiful, romantic landscapes. Take a ride on the ropeway to experience Darjeeling from an once-in-a-lifetime vantage point. The snow-covered hilltops may be explored, and you can eat great street food.


Top Tourist Activities & Locations in West Bengal

The Sundarbans National Park, the largest tiger reserve in the world for the Royal Bengal Tiger, was created from the mangrove forests of Sundarbans. During your stay in the Sunderbans, you can also travel to the nearby Ghoramara Island and Marichjhapi Island. The Sundarbans are among the most exciting tourist destinations in West Bengal because of its diverse biodiversity.


Top Tourist Activities & Locations in West Bengal

A small town called Mirik can be found nestle between two mountains on the shores of a freshwater lake. Along with visiting the town’s well-known locations, such as Mirik Lake and the Bokar monastery, you may discover the town’s abundance of orange orchids.


Top Tourist Activities & Locations in West Bengal

Kalimpong is a must-visit if you’re looking to travel to a hill station that isn’t yet on everyone’s travel bucket list in the nation. A traveler’s paradise, Kalimpong is a small yet stunning hill village with incredible friendliness and a remarkably low number of general state visitors.

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Top Tourist Activities & Locations in West Bengal

West Bengal’s seaside town of Digha is a less popular vacation spot. Digha has numerous beautiful beaches, including New Digha Beach, Talsari Beach, and Shankarpur Beach, where you can spend your time wandering.


Top Tourist Activities & Locations in West Bengal

The best-kept secret in West Bengal is definitely Dooars, another undiscovered gem. In the Dooars, you may get back in touch with nature, discover more about the local flora and wildlife, and take in the breathtaking views the town has to offer from Latpanchore, Sumsing, and Suntalekhola.


Top Tourist Activities & Locations in West Bengal

Durgapur is the place to be if you want to experience real Bengali culture. You can discover the essence of being “Bengali” in these locations, from the Durgapur steel mill to Deul Park. Additionally, Durgapur offers delicious traditional Bengali cuisine that will satisfy your palate.


Top Tourist Activities & Locations in West Bengal

Due to its significance in the historical struggles of the area, Murshidabad is the ideal place to visit in West Bengal if you enjoy the arts and history. Visit Wasif Manzil or Hazarduari Palace when you are in Murshidabad to feed your appetite for historical art and cultural heritage.


Top Tourist Activities & Locations in West Bengal

Speaking about timeless art, Shantiniketan, West Bengal, is home to Nobel Prize winner and one of India’s most renowned writers and poets, Rabindranath Tagore. You can visit Tagore’s ashram and the Rabindra Bhavan Museum, which was construct to honor Rabindranath Tagore’s legacy.


Top Tourist Activities & Locations in West Bengal

Haldia has much more to offer yet is frequently dismiss as just a suburb of Kolkata. This is a charming coastal town with exciting marine drives and breathtaking scenery. To truly feel Haldia, go to sites like Marine Drive and the docks.


Top Tourist Activities & Locations in West Bengal

Lataguri, tuck away among lush mangrove woods and lakes, has been preserve over time as one of West Bengal’s most magnificent hill towns. You may experience the several national parks and animal sanctuaries while keeping your wildlife explorer streak clean.

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